WATCH: Unhinged College Students Protest … Demanding MANDATORY Masking Continue

Written by Wes Walker on February 16, 2022

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How badly have the last two years of jackboot tyranny messed with the mind of the ultra-compliant? So badly that they can’t handle it being over.

We are getting to the stage of the Chinavirus’s life cycle that even authoritarians like Bowser (the Mayor of D.C., not the Nintendo villain), are releasing their grip and letting people gradually return to some kind of normalcy. Restaurants in the nation’s capital no longer have to enforce the show-me-your-papers policy to customers wanting to sit down and enjoy a meal.

Such decision-making is being handed back to where it always belonged — in the hands of the people. It’s amazing how quickly some serious negative polling can help push ‘the science’ along in the ‘right’ direction during an election year.

If it makes you feel better to wear the little mask over your face, that’s on you. But everyone who’s done with it can carry on with their lives.

Not everyone is happy about this development.

College kids, of all people, are unleashing their inner Trudeau and demanding mandates.

Here’s Reno, Nevada.

Their call and response chant? ‘Reinstate! — The mask mandate!’

Are we really this far gone?

Dave Rubin summed it up nicely.

Hard to argue with that.

How did we go so quickly from a plucky, rabble-rousing culture of freedom to one of such abject learned helplessness?

We can debate the cause all you like. But if you want to help protect someone you care about from growing up to be someone who would join a march like that, this will help.

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