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Actual Model Of How Nuclear Conflict With Russia Would Escalate… With Casualty Estimates (VIDEO)

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As our commander-in-chief flippantly calls for regime change in a nuclear rival — with little thought for who might take his place — here’s a model showing what nuclear escalation would actually look like in real terms.

All it takes is one itchy trigger finger to start the dominoes falling.

For those of you who didn’t grow up in the Cold War, with such influences as Matthew Broderick’s War Games, Nuclear Winter, and Mutually Assured Destruction looming large in your imagination…

… maybe now is a good time to remember what happens if things go horribly wrong and why so many people who are genuinely pissed off about Putin invading Ukraine are still proceeding with so much caution.

Here’s a video outlining the conflict — you will notice that China isn’t even included in the calculations here…

As Russia pounds its chest about chemical weapons and nukes, it is possible that open conflict with Russia may end up being necessary at some point. It’s even possible that prudence on both sides would keep open conflict with Russia limited to conventional warfare methods.

But before we roll those dice, let’s make sure our eyes are wide open to the full range of possibilities of where meeting Russian aggression with force could lead.

What were those estimated numbers?

91.5 Million casualties from the series of nuclear exchanges.

34.1 Million killed instantly.
57.4 Million injured.

These numbers do not include indirect deaths from fallout and other long-term effects.

For all the talk about WWIII when Trump was in charge, did we ever actually find ourselves in a position where we thought it a real possibility? Nope.

But weakness is provocative and under Biden, some monsters have slipped their cage and are openly on the march.

Let’s go Brandon!

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