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BOOM: Judge Fires 5 Dem School Board Trustees Over Mask Mandates

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Five Democrat activist school board trustees in Pennsylvania just discovered the limits of their authority. The reality check came in the form of a judicial ruling.

And now, with the crack of a gavel, all five of them have become ‘former’ school board trustees.

This was all about the squabbling over mask mandates. In Pennsylvania, the State Supreme Court ruled last December that the mask mandates we unconstitutional.

What this would mean to most people is that public servants have no authority to impose such a mandate on free citizens, and whether individuals wore a mask or not would go back to being a private decision that was nobody’s business but their own.

Human nature being what it is, those who have gained an ability to wield institutional power over other people are usually reluctant to relinquish it.

And so it was with the mask manadates. The emergency on which the mask mandate had been originally predicated came to an end in June of 2021. There was no basis on which to compel students to keep wearing masks.

It takes more than little detail like ‘legitimate Constitutional Authority’ to stop a Democrat with a will to exert raw political power.

Five Democratic school board members were fired after a Pennsylvania judge signed a petition saying they defied a code by voting to make face masks mandatory for students.

Chester County Judge William Mahon ordered five of its nine members to be immediately removed from the West Chester School Board on Tuesday after they voted to make masks mandatory at the beginning of the school year.

…President Sue Tiernan, Joyce Chester, Kate Shaw, Karen Herrmann, and Daryl Durnell were all fired after they failed to respond to a February petition – brought forth by parent and former English teacher Beth Ann Rosica. She said the board had no right to force students to wear masks. —DailyMail

The firing over their abuse of students’ personal rights is not even the best part of this story, though.

The best part of this story is the reminder of just how powerful the voice of a determined private citizen can really be.

This ruling came as the direct result of pissed-off parents who weren’t about to let five power-mad public servants run roughshod over their Constitutional rights. They didn’t sit at home and complain. They didn’t say they would vote the bastards out.

They followed the Andrew Breitbart model of fighting back:

Is it effective?

Just ask the people of Loudoun Country what happens when people in positions of influence underestimate the power of a pissed-off parent.

‘Once the Supreme Court declared that was unconstitutional we implored our school board, we asked and asked and begged and pleaded and made comments to lift the mask mandate, and they refused,’ Rosica told WHYY News. ‘When they refused, that is when we made the decision to file the petition.

‘I did not believe they had the legal authority to mask our children. I want to ensure they will never be forcibly masked again,’ Rosica cited in her petition – which was written with fellow parent Shannon Grady – according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. She referred to masks as ‘unapproved medical devices’ and said schools shouldn’t be able to exclude children who test positive for the virus. She also cited that masks ‘suffocate’ and ‘abuse’ children. — DailyMail

This is exactly what ordinary citizens need to do to take back our country from a handful of aggressive activists.

It’s not just small-time foes either. Disney is learning the hard way that they are picking the wrong fight.

These parents have shown us what can happen when we start taking action instead of waiting for someone else waiting to do so on our behalf.

Kudos to these moms for being the heroes their kids needed.

America could use a lot more like them.

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