The Abolition Of Women In 2022

Written by K. Walker on March 31, 2022

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The 35th Women’s History Month marks the abolition of women as an identifiable category. Where are the feminists? Where is the outrage?

Over the past few years, we have seen a significant societal shift in the understanding of basic biological reality. For millennia, we have categorized humans as male and female. But now, activists have used arguments from the fringe to muddy the waters and now it’s difficult to find someone willing to define what a woman is.

To be sure, this has been coming for quite some time with the subtle (and not-so-subtle) changes in language, but it’s a distinct departure from the second-wave feminist fad of erasing the “man” in the word “woman” by using alternate spelling — womyn and womxn are being phased out and vagina/cervix owners, menstruators, birthing persons, gestators, and chest-feeders are in.

These euphemisms are reductionistic — women just become walking body parts or are described by the function of those parts. It’s incredibly dehumanizing.

You’ll notice that the language has only changed for one gender and not the other — men are still men. You don’t see the same activists call men ejaculators or penis/scrotum/prostate owners.

The mantra that “trans women are women” and that women are “cis women” tips the hand that the entire point is that a particular group of men is redefining what a woman is for their own benefit. It’s misogyny while wearing a dress, lipstick, and heels.

The dystopian language changes were triggered by the new gender fad birthed in academia in order to be “inclusive” of an infinitesimally small segment of humanity that believes that their physical body doesn’t conform to the internal self that they feel. This is the return of gnostic dualism, an old Christian heresy, but now it’s being pushed by activists who don’t even recognize it as the inherently religious ideology that it is. The concept of altering the body (which is physical) to reflect the “true” representation of the inner self (which is metaphysical) does not have a basis in any branch of science.

Governments and corporations are being shamed into accepting this pseudo-science and the new gender religion with the threats of ex-communication — being called a bigot or transphobe followed by the ever-present potential of being “canceled.”

Radical gender activists insist that in order to be “inclusive” to a tiny sliver of the population suffering from gender dysphoria, we must upend language and societal norms by completely erasing any distinction between men and women. This results in the erasure of women.

The culmination of this shift occurred this past month with three individuals who made rather ironic headlines during Women’s History Month — University of Pennsylvania swimmer, Lia Thomson; the Assistant Secretary for Health, Dr. Rachel Levine, and most notably, Biden’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, who is the only actual woman in this list.

Ketanji Brown Jackson

This exchange between Biden’s nominee for the Supreme Court, Ketanji Brown Jackson, and Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) went viral almost immediately because of its absurdity.

Sen. Blackburn asks “Can you provide a definition of the word ‘woman’?” Judge Jackson says that she cannot.

The idea that a Harvard-educated woman who has been nominated to the Supreme Court cannot define what a woman is, means that she is either stupid or a liar that doesn’t want to upset far-left activists pushing this.

When pressed by Sen. Blackburn, Jackson replies, “I am not a biologist.”

Senator Ted Cruz (R-T) asked how Jackson will be able to rule on issues that affect women as a protected class — Title XI disputes, the Violence Against Women Act, or the Equal Pay Act — if she cannot define what a woman is.

It seems that the evolution of the protected class of “woman” is picking up speed as Don Jr. notes in this meme about the confirmation hearings of the last three Supreme Court nominees.

The idea that one needs to be a biologist to define what a woman is is completely ridiculous. Here’s a simple definition: a woman is an adult, human female.

But simple definitions aren’t “inclusive” enough.


Rachel Levine

In mid-March, Admiral Rachel (born: Richard) Levine was featured as one of USA Today’s “Woman of the Year” highlighting Levine’s absurd definition of courage — “be true to yourself.”

When Levine was nominated for the position in the Biden Administration, The Hill posted an article profiling the “historic” nominee.

Here is one paragraph of that article:

A former linebacker and mother of two, Levine isn’t easily scared off. She transitioned in 2011 and, while her immediate family has mostly been accepting, she knows that existing publicly as a transgender person in America remains dangerous.

Source: THe Hill

The contortion of language there is just astounding. “A former linebacker and mother of two.” Levine is not a “mother” — Levine’s transgender identity began openly years after fathering two children. Does this mean that Levine’s children no longer have a father but have two mothers?

Lia Thomas

Thomas is another transgender individual that is snatching awards from women, but this is even more insidious than Levine’s profile in USA Today. Thomas is over six-foot-tall, broad-shouldered, and still has male genitalia that makes the locker room uncomfortable. For three years prior to identifying as a woman, Thomas competed on the men’s swim team, but is now swimming against women and breaking women’s NCAA records.

Watch this 2-minute video all the way through and you’ll see how truly unfair this is to the women attempting to compete against Thomas.

It’s not so great to be a woman competing in sports in 2022 — unless you’re a man.

These meets have become a lightning rod for activists.

Feminist activist Kellie-Jay Keen (aka Parker Posie) nailed it when she told someone who was accusing her of transphobia for calling Thomson a man, “I’m not a vet but I know what a dog is.”

Keen should have been at Judge Jackson’s confirmation hearing to explain that you don’t need a degree to recognize what you see with your own eyes.

These confrontations between activists that pretend to not know what a woman is and people who refuse to lie to avoid hurting the feelings of people confused about their gender are happening everywhere.

It’s not just in America, across the Pond, it’s the same. Here is Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer, equivalent to the Treasury Secretary in the United States. As you watch, remember that the Right Honourable Rishi Sunak is a high-ranking “conservative” in Boris Johnson’s government.

It’s like the West is trying to erase everything it knew to be true as a way of eating itself alive.

The examples of the erasure of women could go on and on…

Forbes refers to “pregnant people” in this article about COVID and pregnancy.

In one of AOC’s videos about parental leave, she says “dads” but replaces mothers with “birthing parents.”

Just squeaking under the radar on what has been called “International Transgender Day of Visibility” — because hijacking women’s sports and awards during Women’s History Month wasn’t enough, apparently — is Scientific American using pseudo-science to explain that biology is now subjective.

We need to push back against this insanity and protect women as a distinct category separate from men before the woke activists erase it completely.

A great start is getting back to celebrating women who really are women.

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