BROKEN BORDER UPDATE: While We See Record Illegal Crossing, Violence Shuts Down Our Embassy

Written by Wes Walker on March 16, 2022

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With all the interest in Putin violating Ukraine’s border, when’s the last time you saw the news take an interest in America’s?

Did you know we’re still setting new records on people streaming over the border? Did you know we don’t have a sweet clue who they are? They could be choirboys or they could be terrorists, and we’d never know, because it’s not being reported.

In fact, information that ICE was legally required to have delivered by now has been conveniently stalled… again. For explicitly partisan reasons.

ICE has been hiding critical data from Congressional oversight.

They released A report to Congress, but it was not the full report as it has been delivered in prior years. The obvious explanation is that Democrats are deeply committed to an open border, not for how it could benefit America generally, because that’s an indefensible argument, but for how it can benefit their private goals either as a party, or in the eyes of deep-pocketed globalist donors who are not at all interested in such trivialities as ‘acting in the national interest’.

While this new report includes some immigration enforcement data, the report is not ICE’s comprehensive and detailed Enforcement and Removal Operations Report that the agency has released prior to the end of every calendar year for at least the past decade. (The Enforcement Report for Fiscal Year 2020 is available online). Instead, the recently released report is a narrative-driven document that includes only a handful of enforcement-related statistics, all of which are intentionally written in a manner that is difficult to analyze and compare to previous years.

Members of Congress and reporters have been asking for months why the Enforcement Report for Fiscal Year 2021 is being hidden by the Biden administration. The still-unreleased report includes numerous tables and charts, year-over-year and monthly comparisons, and important numerical data — from detainers issued to criminality of aliens arrested to the number of arrests made in the interior of the United States compared to custody-transfer arrests from Border Patrol apprehensions — and would allow for a complete picture of the impact of the Biden administration’s controversial immigration enforcement policies.

The Biden administration’s troubling decision to not release the Enforcement Report is the result of a political decision; each ICE field office director sends the data to headquarters as part of their job responsibilities and the political leadership at ICE has been sitting on it since last fall. The Center for Immigration Studies has learned that the Biden White House took control of the draft report, rewrote it, and returned it to officers within ICE, hoping they would sign off on the new draft; the officers did not sign off on the White House’s draft, explaining that they would be unable to defend what they viewed as a politicized report that intentionally misrepresented the results of the White House’s policies. It seems the White House recognized that its attempted manipulation would be indefensible as the report remains hidden. — Center For Immigration Studies

What is it they are not telling us?

For one thing, they’ve been caught concealing reports of actual terrorists entering the country.

For another, they’re refusing to acknowledge the absolute OCEANS of humanity that are daily washing up on our shores from more than 100 countries around the world.

When the news reports that somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 million refugees have fled Ukraine so far, that’s big news.

Recent Census data DailyMail

“>points to 1.7 million new immigrants (legal or otherwise) in the last year… which obviously only accounts for those who actually participated in the census.

And then there’s CBP reporting.

Migrant encounters at the southern border in February were 63% higher than the same time last year, according to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data released Tuesday, with more than 160,000 encounters by border authorities.

There were 164,973 encounters in February, compared to 101,099 encounters in February last year — a month that preceded a massive surge in numbers in the spring and summer months that overwhelmed Border Patrol but that the administration denied was a crisis. In February 2020 there were just 36,687 encounters. —FoxNews

Is there REALLY a legitimate security risk on our Mexican Border?

For years, journalists and other Democrats denounced as ‘racist’ anyone who said there were some ‘bad hombres’ across the border. But what’s the reality?

We’ve long since talked about the human traffickers selling women and children into lives of sexual slavery. We’ve covered the endless streams of dangerous drugs, including fentanyl, pouring over our border and making their way to Anytown, USA. We’ve even talked about shots being fired at Federal agents by the criminals across the border.

This was one of several stories we’ve come across. WATCH: Tracer Rounds As Machine Gun Shoots Across US-Mexico Border … Is This A ‘Crisis’ Yet?

There is other video out there showing multiple bullet holes in federal vehicles.

What about the recent upsurge in border violence?

We’re not hearing much about that on the news, are we?

This is recent news happening just over the river from Laredo Texas.

A U.S. consulate was shut down after sustaining gunfire and grenade explosions amid open street warfare on Monday.

No, this was not 5,000 miles away in Ukraine. The U.S. consulate in question is in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, mere blocks from the U.S.-Mexico border.

The consulate and several Mexican military facilities were hit with gunfire and chaos erupted around the city following the arrest of a suspected cartel leader.

The aftermath of the fighting looks every bit as intense as one might expect of an active war zone – though this occurred just a stone’s throw away from U.S. soil. —Political Insider

Did that say … grenade? Sounds like there really might be some ‘bad hombres’ out there after all. And they’re loaded for bear.

Strictly speaking, an attack on an Embassy or a Consulate is an attack against American soil.

Are we doing anything about it? Are we even doing anything with an eye to improving border security?

Legal ports of entry — two bridges — have been closed.

But what about that porous border the cartels like to exploit?

Of course not, those will remain wide open. After all, it’s really not a priority for this administration to shut those down… any more than upholding an oath of office might be a priority for this crowd.

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