Biden’s Surgeon General Supports Activist Teachers Opposed To Florida’s Anti-Groomer Bill

Written by K. Walker on March 16, 2022

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The Florida bill says that teachers can’t instruct children in PreK through Third Grade about sex and gender, but Biden’s Surgeon General thinks that is discriminatory.

With all due respect — is he high???

Dr. Vivek Murthy, the Surgeon General for the Let’s Go, Brandon Biden-Harris administration has decided to weigh-in on the anti-grooming legislation that was recently passed by the Florida legislature.

He is opposed to it.

The bill supports parental rights in education and opposes classroom instruction for children between the ages of 3 and 8 on the topics of sex and gender. It’s actually a pretty innocuous bill that wouldn’t have been necessary a few years ago.

Either Dr. Murthy thinks it’s perfectly normal for teachers to introduce these topics to very young children without parental notification or consent, or he has a complete misunderstanding of the bill.

According to his tweets, it seems like the latter. The question is — was this simple ignorance of the legislation or a deliberate attempt to obfuscate the issue in support of a particular faction in the Culture War? His tweets make the answer to that pretty clear.

Dr. Murthy is cheerleading for one side and he’s being disingenuous about the bill in the process.

“Florida’s recent law restricting discussion about gender identity in school has understandably raised serious concerns. The law concerns me too,” wrote Murthy on Twitter.

He continued to explain what he found so concerning, “Learning that people are different and that not all families look the same — these are important lessons that start early in life, including in school. They help create a society based on understanding and respect. They help children know they belong even if they are different.”

“I grew up in Florida and am a proud graduate of the public school system. As a kid who often felt I didn’t belong, it helped tremendously when teachers openly discussed our different backgrounds. This built understanding and reduced shame,” he wrote.

“LGBTQ+ youth also deserve such proactive support. Preventing or criminalizing efforts to foster such understanding hurts kids & families. It shuts down dialogue instead of nurturing healthy conversation. And it sends a signal to LGBTQ+ youth that they are not fully accepted,” he concluded.

Is the LGBTQ+ community really that marginalized in society when they’ve been holding parades for decades, have “Pride Month” in June, and places like Canada run by the über-woke Trudeau have declared the entire summer “Pride Season” because “one month isn’t enough”?

There is widespread societal acceptance of members of the LGBTQ+ community, but it’s still not enough for some people. They need to make sure that children are introduced to the concepts when they’re barely potty-trained.

And what exactly do the “LGBTQ+ youth” have to do with this bill? Zero things, unless the Surgeon General thinks that children can understand that they are gay years prior to puberty.

Let’s be frank and actually mention the elephant in the room — the entire LGBTQ+ movement is centered around sex and who people want to sleep with. There is no denying that no matter how much the activists chant “love is love.”

A number of parents out there think it’s inappropriate for children to be introduced to these topics when they’re very young. That’s the purpose of this bill — to preserve the innocence of children and keep them from weirdos that want to indoctrinate them about gender and sex.

There is a reason that this bill came through the Florida legislature. Increasingly, parents are being kept out of the loop if their children express gender confusion at school, and schools are introducing these ideas to younger and younger children.

The Post Millennial highlighted a story about a mom of three from Tallahassee who was open with school officials that her daughter in middle school was suddenly struggling with gender identity at the height of the pandemic and it had caught the family by surprise. This mom also happens to be a licensed mental health counselor and was absolutely stunned by how the school handled the situation after she had been completely forthright with them.

The school helped the girl “socially transition” at school without telling the family.

Florida mom January Littlejohn has one such story, where a school kept her daughter’s social gender transition a secret from her, and gender identity nearly destroyed her family. Littlejohn is currently suing the school district.

Littlejohn was forthright with the school, talking to them about her daughter’s gender identity questioning. She trusted the school to act in the best interests of her daughter and family, and instead, the school colluded with her daughter, shut the family out entirely, claiming that the family did not have the legal right to know what was happening with her daughter’s gender transition.

It was only after weeks of back-and-forth with the school that Littlejohn was able to gain access to the school’s documentation on her daughter. “After several weeks of back and forth with the district, finally we were able to meet with the principal and we were finally shown the transgender gender non-conforming student support plan that was created and signed by my daughter,” Littlejohn said.

This document cut the parents out entirely of their minor child’s gender identity plan, and it required the school to keep the plan secret from the Littlejohns. It was a six-page plan, constructed by a social worker the parents had never met, along with school administrators. It said that when talking to parents, educators were to use the child’s birth name and to keep the gender transition from them, while treating the child as though she were the opposite sex, and calling her by her chosen name at school.
Source: The Post Millennial

This sort of thing is happening everywhere and the incidents are increasing.

Early in March, a “woke” training session for teachers in Eau Claire Area School District in Wisconsin reminded teachers that “parents are not entitled to know their kids’ [gender] identities. That knowledge must be earned.”

What absolute arrogance to hold that position!

Teachers seem to think that they know what’s best for children who are not their own. Far too many of them think it’s perfectly fine to keep parents in the dark about a child’s gender confusion because they believe that’s in the best interest of the child. They don’t think that parents should be permitted to have any input or even be notified that a child is struggling with gender identity.

The worst part about this is that it is largely a contrived issue by leftwing activists who don’t seem to care (or even acknowledge) that gender dysphoria and transgender identity — especially among teen girls — increasingly appears to be a social contagion.

This is all happening when we know that the education system in America is failing to actually educate children. Literacy and numeracy scores have been dropping for years and teachers’ unions successfully kpet schools closed for almost two years in some places which has exacerbated the problem of learning loss — especially in those “marginalized communities” that the left says that they’re so concerned about.

Despite this, “woke” teachers are continuing to peddle the fashionable, new gender theory to children and giving them lots of attention and support when students “come out” at school.

What’s interesting is that this systematic method of introducing sexual concepts, undermining parental authority, and keeping secrets with children is the same technique that pedophiles use on their victims.

This is why the Florida Parental Rights bill is correctly being called the “anti-groomer” bill by supporters.

You can scroll through the feed of Libs of TikTok and see some of the clueless nutters that Murthy is throwing his support behind rather than supporting parents…

There are people that are just chanting the word “gay” like it’s some sort of talisman against heteronormativity. In Florida, those people are called “Democrats.”

This is kind of hilarious because the wokescolds on the left don’t seem to realize that they’re conflating “gay” with “groomer” in the same way that they equate “black” to “poor” or insist that black Americans are so dumb that they don’t know how to use the internet or get I.D. to vote. This is Democrats insist that all minorities — except for certain groups like Asians and Jews — need “white saviors” in government to help them using legislation like Affirmative Action in 2022 because the minotrities in the country with the most opportunity in the world certainly couldn’t make it on their own without the government putting its thumb on the scale. It’s insulting and blatant bigotry.

There are also the people that chant “gay” while begging for attention because if it weren’t for the LGBTQ+ community, they’d have no personality at all.

Here’s one Fourth Grade teacher who is going all-in on the rainbow to stick it to the Florida Legislature when he doesn’t even know that the bill only addresses K-3. This is why we should be focusing on basic skills like reading comprehension instead of social issues.

They’re really desperate to talk to kids in PreK through third grade about sex and gender.

And then you have people that are so mentally fragile, they have emotional breakdowns because someone used the wrong pronouns.

If that’s not an advertisement to homeschool your kids, I’m not sure what is.

You can also scroll through Libs of TikTok to see the insanity that the bill is protecting kids from.

This guy is having a full-on meltdown because he believes the Democrat talking point that the anti-grooming bill bans the word “gay”.

But remember, according to Democrats, all of that is fine and it’s the parents that are the problem.

Homeschool your kids.

And pray for them and the education system.

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