Constellation Of Idiots Say Tucker Carlson And Tulsi Gabbard Are Propagandists For Putin

Written by K. Walker on March 15, 2022

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The NeoCons and NeoLibs appear to be having a normal one.

Americans began to see a strange consensus happen after Putin invaded Ukraine — a number of people on the left and the right have decided to push for the United States to take a hard stand against Russia that could lead the country to war with a nuclear power.

The warmongers are out in force pushing war instead of negotiation when the situation isn’t as cut and dry — Putin bad, Ukraine good — as they’d have us believe. While Putin’s actions shouldn’t be condoned, there are Neo-Nazis and bio-labs in Ukraine, for years Russian nationals in Donetsk and Luhansk wanted to separate from Ukraine, NATO has been dangling membership to Ukraine knowing that it wasn’t really an option because of the corruption there, and the fossil fuel deposits in the Black Sea are very attractive to Putin.

The people who want to start World War III aren’t concerned about any of that. To them, that’s “disinformation” because anything that they disagree with is “disinformation.”

But heaven forbid someone says that perhaps we may have learned a thing or two about unintended consequences after 20 years of war and attempting “regime change” in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria, or that taking hard action against a nuclear power is in America’s best interests.

Tucker Carlson and Tulsi Gabbard have unfortunately had some unorthodox views and they have riled up the ire of the warmongers on both the left and the right.

A few have decided to publicly condemn Carlson and Gabbard for allegedly acting as Putin apologists.

It’s an all-star cast of characters that probably has a combined IQ somewhere in the mid-double-digits.

1. The Coven of “The View”

Whoopi Goldberg started the conversation that took quite the turn in the “Hot Topic” segment of the show on Monday.

Citing an article in far-left “Mother Jones” she said that Russia is using clips of Tucker Carlson as propaganda.

“They used to arrest people for doing stuff like this,” Goldberg said at one point. “If they thought you were colluding with a Russian agent, if they thought you were putting out information or taking information and handing it over to Russia, they used to actually investigate stuff like this. And I guess now, you know, there seems to be no bars.”

The guest auditioning to be the token conservative was former Trump White House Communications Director turned CNN analyst, Alyssa Farah Griffin, who was almost as hard on her side as Anna Navarro who can’t explain why she continues to self-identify as a Republican.

It was Navarro that went full authoritarian in her comments by suggesting that Tucker Carlson and Tulsi Gabbard should be investigated by the DOJ.

Tristan Justice at The Federalist wrote that the lack of any real ideological diversity on “The View” is fostering a rather dangerous echo chamber that is bringing out the absolute worst in the hosts.

“I think the DOJ, in the same way that it is setting up a task force to investigate oligarchs, should look into people who are Russian propagandists and shilling for Putin,” said longtime substitute co-host Ana Navarro filling in for Sara Haines. “That’s being, if you are a foreign asset of — to a dictator, it should be investigated.”

Carlson and Gabbard’s apparent crime? Public dissent to the media-manufactured consensus that American intervention in Ukraine is in U.S. interests.

Navarro’s radical suggestion went unchallenged on air, with no pushback even from the former Trump White House Communications Director Alyssa Farah Griffin, auditioning for the conservative chair left vacant by McCain. Griffin, however, now a CNN commentator, is no conservative crusader having capitalized on the media incentive to play the Republican who attacks other Republicans.
Source: The Federalist

Joy Behar piped up and basically said that she thought that Tulsi Gabbard, Tucker Carlson, and Laura Ingraham should be banished from the airwaves.

Sunny Hostin then wondered “what was in it for them” and disgustingly suggests that they might be getting paid by Russia before saying that she’s “not making any allegations.” Sure she isn’t. And I’ve got a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

Here’s the segment.

Let’s not forget that these harpies are just pushing yet another insane Hillary Clinton smear campaign that Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian agent.

If pushing propaganda means that political commentators should be banned from the air, that’s some pretty bad news for the hosts on “The View”, as well as pretty much the entire on-air talent at both CNN and MSNBC.

Let’s not forget that Anna Navarro is the lone alleged conservative that has managed to be very comfortable (and welcome!) as a part of the Coven on “The View” as a recurring co-host for almost 10 years. There’s a reason for that.

As the clip of “The View” went viral on Monday, Anna Navarro doubled down on Twitter.

2. The Unhinged Keith Olbermann

Olbermann, the leftist political commentator was so broken after Trump’s election in 2016 that he retired from political commentary and turned his Twitter account into a “rescue dog” account.

Now that Biden is in office, he’s back to political commentary and was even in talks to replace Rachel Maddow at MSNBC — until she kiboshed that.

He’s still dropping insane takes like this response to the viral clip of “The View” where he suggests that Tucker and Tulsi should be detained by the military. Insanity.

3. Senator Mittens (R-UT)

You can always count on Mitt to lead a circular firing squad against his own party, but this time, he was actually attacking a Democrat. The problem was it was Tulsi Gabbard — who admittedly has got some weird ideas — but is one of the few Democrats that isn’t screaming that the GOP is exclusively made up of racist, sexist xenophobes that want everyone dead or something.

Treason is a capital offense in the United States. Is Mittens suggesting that Tulsi Gabbard who served as a Member of Congress and is a current Army Reservist deserves the death penalty for basically saying that we should be shutting down any bio-labs in Ukraine and destroying the samples in there before we unleash something much worse than SARS-CoV-2.

Tulsi responded to Mitt in a lengthy Twitter thread.

4. Joe What’s-His-Name

Joe Walsh, terminal TDS Sufferer and former Illinois Congressman, is the guy that tried to primary Trump in 2020 and was beaten worse than a red-headed stepchild. Even Bill Weld did better than Walsh in the primary.

Just because you don’t remember Walsh, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t still have some pretty awful takes.

He is cheering on Senator Romney’s aforementioned circular firing squad.

5. Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL)

Kinzinger, another Illinois Republican — gee, what’s going on there, Illinois? — is the nearly-former-Congressman and champion of the ridiculous January 6 Commission. His kowtowing to the left might get him a spot on CNN, but despite kissing their backsides by condemning Trump over the riot on Jan. 6, he was redistricted out of his seat by Democrats in the Illinois legislature. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

He decided that he wasn’t going to go on Tucker Carlson’s show but dropped a video criticizing him on social media.

This is the kind of move that a coward makes.

6. Disgraced former FBI agent, Peter Strzok

You remember this guy, right? He was the one who was involved in the cover-up “investigation” into Hillary’s email servers, and spoke about an “insurance policy” when working on the “Trump is totally a Russian Agent” investigation. He was exposed for having an affair with his married co-worker, Lisa Page, while also trying to screw 60 million GOP voters out of the President that they voted for.

That’s quite the cast of characters with some pretty hot takes, isn’t it?

They’re the ones calling for Tucker Carlson and Fox News itself to be booted off the airwaves so you only see their side to the story.

Let’s pray that these morons don’t get any more power than they already have.

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