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LMAO: Comedian Mocking Libs’ Narrative Shift With ‘New Identity’ Supporting Ukraine Is Comedy GOLD!

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Have you noticed that the Mask Nazis and the Fauci Worshippers have largely disappeared only to be replaced by people who are suddenly very pro-Ukraine? You’re not the only one…

NYC-based comedian Ryan Long has also noticed and he’s decided to make a video about it.

You might remember him from his video that went viral a couple of years ago about how the “woke” left and racists have quite a bit in common.

His latest video is titled, “When Your New Identity Is Supporting Ukraine” and in it, he explains how the activists who were championing one cause drop it and glom onto another one.

His character is out on the street explaining just how pro-Ukraine he is now and how he looks down on those who aren’t as vocal in their support as he is.

He says that he “used to be a big Palestine guy, a big Afghanistan guy” but he’s not sure what’s going on in either place anymore.

“You either want America to get in there and start mucking things up, or you love Putin and want to marry him and have sex with him,” says the character adding, “I’m a pretty binary thinker — but I’m non-binary in everything else, though.”

He then admits that he’s happy that the “bad guys” are white, but admits a bit of disappointment that the Ukrainians are also white.

The character then admits that when you quickly change which your entire personality by choosing to champion one cause with singular focus, “you never really have to be held accountable for being right or wrong about the last thing.”

It just gets better as it goes on. It looks like he could use the basic primer on the situation in Ukraine that the Vice President gave to a radio audience in early March.

Just watch and make sure you go right to the end.

ClashDaily has covered several videos by Ryan Long:

The worst thing about this is that we all know people like this. Last year, everyone was an expert on masks and mRNA vaccines, then it was about Critical Race Theory in elementary schools, then “trans-ing” the kids,  and now they’re suddenly experts about Russia and Ukraine.

I wonder what the next thing will be… vaccine-induced myocarditis, perhaps?

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what change their personality takes next.

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