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Does This Snub Signal BoJo, Not Biden, Is The Acting ‘Leader Of The Free World’?

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Just days into his time in office, Joe Biden pronounced his own version of Bush’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ message. ‘America’s Back’.

Maybe we should have had him elaborate on what that was really supposed to mean. In the context, he sounded like he was doing away with all the ‘bad old days’ of Trump’s term in office.

In the imagination of Democrats that seemed to mean that we would ‘finally’ get tough with global bad actors, and we would regain the respect of our friends and allies.

How’s that plan been working out so far?

Blinken prostrated himself before China, right out of the gate, pissed off Nigeria by snubbing established leaders to meet with an upstart, Afghanistan was a nightmare, Biden paused the arming of Ukraine — TWICE! — in his attempts to appease Russia (which we’ve been reliably told by Dems like Schiff, Nadler, and Swalwell is an impeachable offense), Russia is bombing the hell out of its neighbors, North Korea is testing missiles.

We are begging OPEC, to pump more oil now that we’ve given up our energy independence, and are likely to turn to Venezuela (whose government the US doesn’t actually recognize as duly elected) and Iran to make up the shortfall that is sure to come from the Russian oil sanctions.

What else?

While Trump managed to forge historic (and enduring!) peace deals between Israel and her Arab neighbors, Biden has been antagonizing Israel, using our own tax dollars to do it. We covered that story here: Team Biden Is Using Your Tax Dollars To Undermine Israel’s Legitimacy? — Are You Ok With That?

Biden’s insistence on kissing Iran’s ass hasn’t sat well with our partners in the Middle East. Nor has the fact that he had reneged on an American promise given under Trump in good faith.

Russian salad is a staple at any buffet and tapas restaurant. Much like revenge, it is a dish best served cold. This is the important lesson that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates taught US president Joe Biden, when they refused point blank to even pick up his call (to discuss increasing oil production to bring down global energy prices), while merrily chatting with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Needless to say that while Putin almost certainly underestimated the scale and scope of Western sanctions, what is becoming increasingly clear is that Biden too seems to have severely miscalculated the level of support his sanctions were going to get. Not to mention the crucial bridges to key allies that he burnt down like a prepubescent pyromaniac. The net result combined with Putin’s just announced ban on all commodities’ export, means we are going to see massive inflation on a global scale, significant supply chain disruptions, not to mention the historical social upheavals that accompany such systemic shocks if history is anything to go by.

What’s got them so upset with Biden that they won’t even take his calls?

Trump’s presidency didn’t start off well for either the Saudis or Emiratis, having based his 2016 presidential run partly on calling out Saudi Arabia for supporting terrorism. What started off as mutual distrust soon flipped 180 degrees and turned into a torrid love affair. Between Mohammad bin Salman’s clout and Mohammad Bin Zayed’s finesse, not only did both countries place massive orders for American defence systems, essentially bribing their way out of trouble, but they also enthusiastically bought into rapprochement with Israel delinking their 70-year-old Israel policy from the Palestinian cause. While this partly had to do with the need to appease Trump, much also had to do with a genuine meeting of minds, specifically on the need to permanently denuclearise Iran, something that all parties agreed that Obama’s Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) did not do. —FirstPost

… [After a paragraph explaining how establishment DC on both sides of the aisle hated that Trump pulled this off, it continues]…

Within days, the UAE had its flagship deal — for the cutting edge stealth F-35 fighter — put “on hold” citing a “security review” (jargon for “we don’t trust you enough”). This was a critical piece of equipment that the UAE needed to bolster its deterrence against Iran. Worse still was the humiliation meted out to Mohammad bin Salman. He had been the target of a liberal boycott and name calling over the killing of Washington Post columnist and soft terrorism normaliser Jamal Khashoggi.

But once Biden was in power this turned to a formal boycott, never confirmed by official sources but enough “coincidence” to be real. This crossed a line in the Arab world where such impolite behaviour was a grave insult. Remember, this is a ruling family where even the mildest of curses would make kings Fahd and Abdulaziz faint. The consequences were not just a delegitimisation of the ruling family in the eyes of their subjects, but also an invitation to acts of civil disobedience and defiance which is a dangerous powder keg. — FirstPost

The author of that piece goes on to explain that the Saudis and UAE were angry, and wanted revenge for Biden’s snub, but it had to be done the right way, one that played to their strengths and Joe’s weakness.

They didn’t have to wait very long.

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson traveled to the Middle East to discuss increased oil production with leaders after they reportedly snubbed President Joe Biden’s requests.

Johnson met with United Arab Emirates Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed al Nayhan on Wednesday and is traveling to Saudi Arabia to meet with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman later in the day, according to The Wall Street Journal. Johnson is reportedly set to deliver a message on behalf of the West, urging the two oil-rich nations to boost production.

“The Prime Minister set out his deep concerns about the chaos unleashed by Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, and stressed the importance of working together to improve stability in the global energy market,” the British government said in a readout of Johnson’s meeting with the UAE leader earlier Wednesday.

“The leaders welcomed the longstanding partnership between our two countries and discussed opportunities to increase collaboration between the UK and UAE on energy security, green technology, and trade,” the statement continued. — DailyCaller

What exactly is American ‘back’ to?

At this rate, it won’t be long before Joe’s jaunting around the world on an apology tour like his old boss was. Only this time it isn’t because America sucks. It’s because he does.

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