Doocy Calls Out Biden’s Latest Public Screw-ups — Joe Denies Reality (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on March 29, 2022

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After Joe repeatedly put his foot in his mouth in Europe DC went into full damage control mode. Doocy asked about it and here’s what happened next.

Joe’s disgraceful public slander of Donald Trump abroad (but naturally he was too nutless to actually say Trump’s name) was inexcusable. As bad as that was, it was buried by even more egregious things he had said while over there.

The problem is, he’s always been both a lying blowhard and not very bright, so it’s hard to tell what was behind these statements.

Where they said because he was trying to play the tough guy on the public stage, because he really didn’t understand the weight of the words he was using, because he’s tripping over his words and saying things he doesn’t mean … or is he (to put it far more politely than the man deserves) ‘losing a step’.

He’s already shown himself a man who’s had supercuts made of his gaffes when he was still Obama’s #2. He’s also a man of negligible integrity who’s had to bow out of political races because he’s been caught plagiarizing speeches not to mention his habitual lying about everything from his education to strange BS stories about Nelson Mandela, to an often-repeated (and often-debunked) lie about a conversation he had with an Amtrak employee, (to say nothing of the Hunter Biden laptop denial)– the man couldn’t pick the truth out of a police lineup with the three little pigs.

So it’s hard to pinpoint the ‘why’ of the bizarre and provocative statements he made in Europe… three of them in particular.

One was where he was addressing American troops. He was waxing eloquent (so to speak) about Ukraine’s courageous defenders and told the troops that they would witness that sort of thing themselves ‘when you’re there’. ClashDaily covered that in greater depth here: Did Biden Just Tell U.S. Troops Stationed In Poland That They’re Going Into Ukraine? (VIDEO)

That was just one of his screw-ups.

Another one was when he was questioned by a reporter about the American response to Putin if he were to make use of chemical weapons. He said we would respond ‘in kind’.

It’s possible Biden is just too thick to understand that ‘in kind’ has a very specific meaning to the average educated person. It means they will have the same thing done to them. He may have intended to say that there would be some kind of a proportional escalation of the Western response after such an act. But that is emphatically NOT what he said. Jake Sullivan had to run clean-up after that comment making it clear that America has ‘no intention’ of using chemical weapons.

The third one was when he ended his speech (which the adoring media somehow likened to Reagan’s ‘tear down this wall’ speech) by saying Putin ‘cannot remain in power’. It sounds like he wants regime change.

We have seen his mentor, Obama, take active steps in using taxpayer dollars to interfere with foreign elections to achieve a kind of regime change even among allies like Israel.

It may seem natural for a power-mad dope like Joe to see other global leaders as little more than pawns on a chessboard to be deposed. It would align with his party’s position on both election ‘reform’ and immigration.

These are big issues, and Joe was asked about it by a journalist who still cares about the truth.

Say whatever you will about Trump peacocking over his crowd sizes, lies about throwaway phrases that might drag us into a hot war with a nuclear power is a whole other species of dissembling… and Joe needs to answer for it.

It’s all somehow worse now that a photographer caught a shot of his cheat sheets.

Is he that feeble that this needs to be written out for him?

Trump used to stand for half an hour at a time in front of his helicopter with actual impromptu answers to a whole variety of questions. Meanwhile, Joe can barely manage to spout off a canned response without screwing it up.

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