ELECTION SECURITY: Official Resigns In Aftermath Of 10,000 Uncounted Votes

Written by Wes Walker on March 10, 2022

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Remember those runaway Democrats who fled Texas for DC in their effort to oppose election security measures because secure elections are ‘racist’ or something?

Well, a lot has happened since. Including a resignation.

But let’s back up to the moment where the woman at the heart of the story first entered it.

As recently as November of 2020, an LBGT outlet cheered the appointment of a certain woman to a political position. Here’s the headline.

Because naturally, what government needs MORE of is political activists. Whyever would we want someone to put the emphasis on competence or professionalism?

From that article:

National news outlets turned their attention to Harris County (the largest county in Texas) during the 2020 election season because of its huge voter turnout. The fact that Texas went from one of the lowest voter turnout states to one of the highest is due in large part to the efforts of Isabel Longoria, a 32-year-old lesbian and Montrose native who was recently appointed by the Commissioners Court to be the very first elections administrator for Harris County.

Longoria was sworn in by Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo on Thursday, November 18. Voter registration and elections administration will now fall under Longoria’s purview. The first election that she will oversee is the December 12 municipal runoffs. — OutSmartMagazine

The whole article was a puff piece cheering her as the greatest thing since sliced bread. Oh, what a difference a year makes.

The elections administrator in Harris County, Texas, announced Tuesday that she had submitted her resignation, amid a mail-in ballot counting discrepancy in election night results.

Isabel Longoria, who since 2020 has overseen elections in Harris County, which includes Houston, said her resignation would be effective July 1.

Longoria’s resignation comes amid backlash over issues with the March 1 primary in her county, Texas’ most populous, which included damaged ballots that delayed the reporting of results and a vote discrepancy that has left thousands of ballots out of the unofficial primary results.

Before Longoria announced her departure, Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo, who supported the creation of the elections administrator role and had praised Longoria as the best person for the role in October 2020, had alluded to a possible replacement earlier on Tuesday, saying she had “spoken with administrator Longoria and I’ve expressed my desire for a change in leadership.”

Hidalgo said that she, along with the Elections Commission, the county clerk and the district clerk, would find new leadership “only after a thorough search.” — Kelly Mena, CNN

So, what happened that things went so horribly wrong?

After being appointed to her position by ‘Progressive’ Judge Lina Hidalgo, her appointee has managed to effectively piss off both sides of the aisle.

Harsh criticism for Longoria came from both sides of the aisle, as election workers came forward to talk about equipment failures on election day and Democratic voters being turned away due to a lack of party poll workers in the primary.

Longoria is also being sued by the Harris County Republican Party after approximately 10,000 uncounted ballots were found Saturday– four days after the Texas primary elections. The GOP had called for her to step down and for independent oversight of future elections.

Longoria says the roughly 10,000 votes were reported immediately when found by her office. However, Commissioner Tom Ramsey pointed out that’s not how the missing votes were discovered.

“We know about them because of the protocol if the Secretary of State was able to call us and say, ‘Hey, you’re short the 10,000,” said Ramsey. –NYPost

What did those discrepancies look like?

Two notable Democratic primary races have gained a new level of uncertainty after Texas’ largest county said it “identified approximately 10,000 mail-in ballots (6,000 Democratic and 4,000 Republican) that were not added into the original Election Night count.”

…“It seems to me that somebody should’ve known that 10,000 ballots were missing,” Dutton said in an interview Sunday. “If 10,000 ballots were missing and nobody knew that, God help us.”– TexasTribune

But surely that’s the only problem that has been found… right? Nope.

Texas audited their voters and found the very thing we’ve been told cannot possibly happen.

Last Tuesday’s primary was the first to take placed under Texas’ news election integrity laws that required new photo ID for absentee ballots.

The revelations about the uncounted votes comes just weeks after the Texas secretary of state finished an audit that found nearly 12,000 foreigners had made it into the state’s voter rolls. Non-citizens are forbidden from voting in Texas. —JustTheNews

Is that the real reason Democrat ‘sanctuary states’ work so hard to fight the purge of voter roles?

Do Joe Biden’s policy of flooding America with millions of foreigners, and the Dem’s new interest in fighting voter ID have more in common than we might first have believed?

Is this an attempted end-run around Democracy by the Dems who pretend to be defending it?

Seems like a good question for Republicans to be asking… while we still HAVE a two-party state.

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