US Energy Policy Suddenly Makes Sense

Written by Rob Morse on March 10, 2022

US Energy Policy $uddenly Makes $ense

Only a few years ago, the United States exported oil. We achieved energy independence under President Donald Trump. Equally important was that we did so at a time when our economy was booming. Unemployment was at record low levels and energy demand was high. At the same time, we also reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by increasing the production of natural gas and replacing coal and oil with natural gas.

That changed when Democrat politicians seized office and crushed domestic oil and gas production. Energy prices effect everyone; everybody paid more. Energy prices soared and the economy plunged. High energy prices hurt us all, even the poor citizens that the Democrats claim to represent. Now, with huge shocks to the oil market, these same politicians in the Biden-Obama regime refuse to let us pump oil and gas at home.

The reason why is obvious after we look at recent political history. The environmental lobby provides political cover. The oligarchs like Soros and Buffett provided the motivations, and the payoffs.

We’ve been here before. Electricity prices rose sharply under the Obama-Biden regime. Those Democrats used the US Environmental Protection Agency to close powerplants and coal mines. The price of some coal companies fell to pennies on the dollar. Oligarchs like George Soros bought coal companies at bargain prices. Warren Buffet bought a railroad, and Democrat politicians, to import Canadian oil.

The US news media let the Obama-Biden regime pretend to be a friend to labor while the rich got richer and the working man looked for a job. I think that history explains what we are seeing now. Today, US and foreign oligarchs want to own US oil companies, US oil refiners, distributors, and the rights to oil and gas leases in the US.

All we have to do today is follow the money. The Biden-Obama regime took money from China and Russia. Democrats work for the people who paid them. They work for the rich oligarchs that put them in office. Their first goal was to buy political influence. The second was to keep that influence. There is probably a mix of money and blackmail at work. We gave the politicians too much power and we never thought that power would be turned against us.

The power to regulate is the power to control.. for a profit. The power a politician has to regulate us gives him the power to extort political bribes. That is an old refrain in Democrat controlled cities where you need to pay off the bureaucrats to open your business and keep it open. That was true in the past and is true today.

Investing in Joe Biden

The method of control is easy to understand. You can’t run a company if the government puts you out of business. Today, energy companies need government permits to explore for oil and gas. They need permits to drill test wells. If you do find oil, you need permits to put in production wells. You also need pipelines and you need permits to operate refineries. The Biden-Obama regime controls the permitting process. We will see oligarchs from the United States, China, Russia, and other countries buy oil leases and oil companies as the prices of those companies fall.

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We see oil and gas prices at record highs and Democrats refuse to let us pump our own oil. They refuse to shut down Russian oil imports. The Biden-Obama regime would rather make us buy oil from Islamic Dictators in Iran or Communist Dictators in Venezuala. Saving the environment was simply the politician’s excuse to wield political power for their advantage. This is really about money and power. It is about kickbacks and bribes.


Money talks and poor people the US who can no longer afford to drive can either walk to work or starve. Like the Russian Cossacks of a century ago, our formerly working-poor will have to leave their homes and move to our Democrat controlled big cities where they will live on welfare. This is a win-win situation for the Democrats who were losing population and jobs in their failed cities.

I have to admit my political biases. I wanted to buy products made in the USA so my neighbors had a job and a life. When they said, “Buy American” I included buying our own oil and natural gas. I didn’t know that foreign billionaires wanted to Buy American too, only they meant American politicians. One of the reasons I liked President Trump was that he couldn’t be bought. Maybe that is why the elite billionaires hated him so much.

This is “Buy American” too.

We are not powerless yet. Some of us voted these politicians into office. Shame on us, and shame on them. These politicians want power for themselves and their families, at least until they die and their kids overdose. Maybe this also explains why the oligarchs and the Democrats want us disarmed.


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