FEC Fines DNC And Hillary For 2016 Trump-Russia Dossier Hoax

Written by Wes Walker on March 31, 2022

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There are two ways for a patriot to react to this story… the optimist and the cynic will have very different reactions.

We have seen years of scurrilous accusations against Trump personally and Republicans generally. Those accusations translated into real-world criminal prosecution when those doing the prosecuting already knew there was no valid predicate for the investigations.

It resulted in the hamstringing of a duly-elected President for years, it probably led to Pelosi taking the gavel back in 2018, which in turn directly led to any number of further obsenties, including an unfinished wall and two separate Presidential impeachment attempts.

The whole thing began as part of the Hillary campaign’s attempt to destroy her political opponent by any means necessary. It also seems to have been a tactic designed to take attention away from the security breaches associated with her thousands of ‘missing’ emails.

From very early on, there was plenty of evidence that Hillary’s campaign was paying Perkins Coie to dig up dirt on Trump. The dirt-digging was provided by a foreign spy, Christopher Steele, and was filled with bad information and contradictions. That, of course, didn’t stop it from being weaponized against the Republican presidential nominee and leveraged into a very public and defamatory criminal trial.

Now that those dots have been very clearly connected and cemented by some of Durham’s filings, showing that Perkins Coie was acting on behalf of the Clinton Campaign when they did this, that becomes a violation of Federal Election law.

We have all seen how adamant the left has been over the last couple of years that they are the ‘real defenders’ of election law, haven’t we?

So what is the Federal Elections Commission supposed to do with this mess?

They have levied a fine against Clinton and against the DNC.

The election agency said that Clinton and the DNC violated strict rules on describing expenditures of payments funneled to the opposition research firm Fusion GPS through their law firm.

A combined $1,024,407.97 was paid by the treasurers of the DNC and Clinton campaign to law firm Perkins Coie for Fusion GPS’s information, and the party and campaign hid the reason, claiming it was for legal services, not opposition research.

Instead, the DNC’s $849,407.97 and the Clinton campaign’s $175,000 covered Fusion GPS’s opposition research on the dossier, a basis for the so-called “Russia hoax” that dogged Trump’s first term.

The memo said that the Clinton campaign and DNC argued that they were correct in describing their payment as for “legal advice and services” because it was Perkins Coie that hired Fusion GPS. But the agency said the law is clear and was violated. — WashingtonExaminer

Ok, Law was violated and fines were administered.

An optimist might say that’s a (small) step in the right direction, but it is a step, however small. In formally connecting Hillary and the DNC to illicit behavior, they might see a win.

But is it really? The parties involved have said they still dispute the claim of the ruling but have decided to pay the fine rather than incur the further legal costs it might take to disprove it.

Incidentally, what were those fines?

The Clinton treasurer (not Clinton herself) is on the hook for a fine of $8000. Meanwhile, the DNC has to shell out $105,000.

For a group that has millions pass through their hands on the regular, that’s like the rest of us picking up a dry-cleaning bill or a bar tab. It won’t even make a ripple in their budget.

If the stain of this crime doesn’t forever place everyone involved squarely in the ‘worse than Nixon’ category, what’s the real use of some financial slap-on-the-wrist, other than letting the FEC pretend to be an impartial arbiter of such things.

We’re not holding up much optimism that the Durham report will translate into important criminal charges, but if there’s anything that might have the kind of teeth necessary to keep this from happening again, it will require a strong deterrent on the level of the criminal sentencing Nixon’s ‘henchmen’ received. Anything less is just an invitation to repeat the process again.

Will Hillary ever be made to wear prison orange? It’s a longshot, but stranger things have been known to happen.

Especially when people begin to pray for change.

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