Gov. Abbott Allows Criminal Migrants To Stream Into Texas While Arresting The Wife Of His Primary Opponent

Written by Jim H. on March 8, 2022

Texas Governor Greg Abbott won’t close the border, even though he could and did under Obama.

But this sort of obvious law enforcement corruption and coercion is just fine when someone dares to compete with him for his job, or speaks out against his CCP-bought-and-paid-for policies, like Lt. Col. Allen West (RET.) did when he ran for Governor of Texas.

Angela, Allen’s wife, is clearly sober. She passed THREE field sobriety tests. She passed the breathalizer test. She had her infant grandson in the car during this entire idiotic event. Yet, she was arrested and held without even being allowed to communicate to Allen or an attorney overnight in jail. She also PASSED a blood test. NO release. Very Jan 6th of the badly corrupted Dallas PD.

And this was a coordinated attack. Allen’s Chief of Staff was given the same treatment at the exact same time in another part of town.

Greg Abbott allows baby raping savages to waltz in. And he arrests sober grandmothers/wives of his competition.

Here’s former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerick’s analysis of the police bodycam footage of Angela West’s arrest last summer.

After reviewing the two hours of footage, former Commissioner of the New York Police Department Bernard Kerik said the video unearthed by Just the News raises troubling questions about whether Angela West’s arrest last August was warranted.

“The whole thing stinks of harassment or abuse of power,” said Kerik, normally an ardent supporter of law enforcement.

When Mrs. West “initially pulled over on the side of the road, the officer told her to go ahead and move her car again,” Kerik said on the “Just the News, Not Noise” TV show Monday night. “If the officer actually thought she had been drinking, and was impaired not to drive her car, she wouldn’t have told her to go around the corner and park somewhere else.”
Source: Just The News