HEY CNN: Those Election 2020 Zuckerbucks Have Been Ruled An ‘Election Bribe’ … Is That News?

Written by Wes Walker on March 2, 2022

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Election 2020 was in no way ‘ordinary’. It’s only after the fact that we found out exactly HOW out of the ordinary Biden’s ‘clear win’ really was.

Rules were changed by people who lacked authority. Real news stories were suppressed — stories that have been proven to have altered the outcome in battleground states by Biden voters who say they would have voted differently. Investigations are being conducted into so-called ‘ballot mules’.

But one of the most controversial irregularities of the election was the indroduction of so-called Zuckerbucks.

‘Zuckerbucks’ consisted of hundreds of millions of dollars of strings-attached GOTV donations in dark-blue regions of critical battleground states. They did not go to advertising campaings. They went directly to supposedly impartial government agencies. And these politicized donations accomplished exactly what they set out to do.

The FGA looked at this funding another way, too. Trump won Georgia by more than five points in 2016. He lost it by three-tenths of a point in 2020. On average, as a share of the two-party vote, most counties moved Democratic by less than one percentage point in that time. Counties that didn’t receive Zuckerbucks showed hardly any movement, but counties that did moved an average of 2.3 percentage points Democratic. In counties that did not receive Zuckerbucks, “roughly half saw an increase in Democrat votes that offset the increase in Republican votes, while roughly half saw the opposite trend.” In counties that did receive Zuckerbucks, by contrast, three quarters “saw a significant uptick in Democrat votes that offset any upward change in Republican votes,” including highly populated Fulton, Gwinnett, Cobb, and DeKalb counties. — ImprimisHillsdale

As we read on, remember the uproar and outrage when Democrats tried to tell us some Russian Facebook ads had ‘changed the election’. Now that the CEO of that same company has been caught bribing election officials to rig an outcome, those same voices will fall suspiciously silent. After all, when their party benefits from underhanded chicanery, everything is A-OK.

A probe in Wisconsin has concluded these ‘donations’ have amounted to political bribes.

Nearly $9 million in Zuckerberg grant funds directed solely to five Democratic strongholds in Wisconsin violated the state’s election code’s prohibition on bribery. That conclusion represents but one of the many troubling findings detailed in the report submitted today by a state-appointed special counsel to the Wisconsin Assembly.

Last August, Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos authorized the Office of Special Counsel, headed by retired state Supreme Court justice Michael Gableman, to investigate concerns about election integrity and the 2020 election. Gableman delivered an interim report to the state assembly on November 10, 2021. Earlier today, the special counsel provided a second interim report to the state legislative body, noting the report “is final in the sense that it provides a list of recommendations with time for the Legislature to act before the close of its session in March.” — Federalist

Notably, this report was not written with any aims toward historical revisionism or changing prior electoral results. This was forward-looking to secure the election ‘for this generation and the next’.

Here are the specific illegal actions chronicled by the report.

1) Payment of direct dollars to five Wisconsin counties to facilitate voting. This violated Wis. Stat. § 12.11 bribery laws about offering anything of any value to induce someone to vote.

2) Illegal drop boxes were placed in Democrat strongholds, contrary to specified legal conditions under which a ballot may be lawfully submitted.

3) Violation of equal protection. Special voting privileges were extended to a preferred voting region (and, ultimately, political party) that were not extended to other voters in the same state. Worse still, the donor group had been given authority to ‘unlawfully administer’ aspects of the election by being embedded in local government processes.

4) Protocols for nursing homes were ignored. Nursing homes, in some cases, had 100% ballots cast, including ineligible voters.

Margot Cleveland sums up what may be the most damning part of it… the cover-up being run by those who ought to have been securing the eletions.

Special Counsel Gableman detailed many other substantial problems with the 2020 election, but equally troubling to the widespread violations of election law established in the report were the attempts by government officials to impede the investigation. Both the Wisconsin Election Commission and the state attorney general “have refused to cooperate with the Legislature’s investigation and actively obstructed it,” according to the report, with a separate appendix detailing how the Office of Special Counsel and the state Assembly have been blocked from investigating portions of the Wisconsin government.

Efforts by the special counsel’s office to obtain the information needed for it to complete its work for the Wisconsin Assembly continue, with litigation seeking to enforce the legislative subpoenas previously issued. Once those subpoenas are enforced, the special counsel noted he will “manage and process the voluminous responsive records, and will facilitate any available audits.” —Federalist

Surely it’s a coincidence that the same practices that unlawfully tilted the election results in Biden’s favor in the 2020 general election just happen to be the same practices that Democrats are fighting like hell to federalize in the name of ‘racial justice’ or some such nonsense.

We’re supposed to pay no attention at all to stories like this one:

Georgia Launches Investigation Into Possible Illegal 2020 Election Ballot Harvesting Scheme

A ballot harvesting scheme? In one of the Zuckerbuck Battlegound states? What an amazing coincidence. What could ever have let us suspect such a thing?

Dinesh D’Souza’s New Documentary Throws Official Narratives About 2020’s Results On Their Heads (VIDEO)

If only there had been some kind of a warning sign. Something like, oh, I don’t know, maybe a news story that was being passed around by Big Tech Bigwigs in 2018 about forcing red states to become blue states whether the liked it or not…

Leftists Want A ‘New Civil War’ – This Post Is Disturbing

I can think of a great many groups who have been personally wronged by this election interference… including everyone connected to the losses that came from the cancellation of the XL Pipeline.

Maybe it’s time for them to get together in a class-action lawsuit. There certainly seems to be smoking-gun evidence for a tortious interference case.

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