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LMAO: Foreign Press Puts ‘Cackling Nincompoop’ Kamala Through The Wood Chipper

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Good thing those Democrats knocked Trump out of office so that we could regain the respect of the world right? Not so fast…

If they really believed Trump was some kind of an embarrassing laughingstock, it might have been a good idea to make sure that whoever Joe gave the job to was someone who could command the respect due the office to which they were appointed.

Famously, Joe got out over his skis and pledged to run with someone who checked the boxes of ‘black’ and ‘woman’. (Although if you were to ask him to define that second category with any specificity, you’d get a blank stare in response.)

Even with those filters in place, it’s not like there aren’t plenty of women in America who have the intelligence and capability to thrive in such a situation.

As one historical for-instance, Republicans have put Condi Rice into a role nearly as high in the chain of responsibilities as that one, and whether you loved or hated her individual policies, she was clearly competent and intelligent with a full grasp of the issues at hand.

Who did Joe Biden pick as his running mate? We’ll let the Australian news describe her.

This is savage. Enjoy!

Cackling nincompoop a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

She called Kamala the worst Veep ever, and that includes the guy who shot Hamilton dead.

This is five minutes of glorious, unrelenting beat-down.

What made Kamala burst into her fit of unnatural laughter? A reporter’s question about Ukraine’s refugee crisis. Real side-splitting stuff, there. Who could help but laugh in the face of such a question?

The roast of her laughing was only the appetizer. The main course was, of course, her absolute lack of anything resembling competence for the role this lightweight has blundered into.

They’re not impressed by Kamala’s reflex of trying to bafflegab her way out of any question for which she has no real answer, stumbling through like the 3rd grader who has to stand in front of the class to give a book report on a book he hasn’t actually read yet.

Is it really any surprise the number of staffers who have quit in the year or so since Kamala took office is now up to nine?

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Wes Walker

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