LMAO: Ryan Long Has Some Advice For Comedians After The ‘Slap Heard Around The World’ (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on March 30, 2022

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After Chris Rock was slapped by Will Smith at the Oscars, comedian Ryan Long is addressing the elephant in the room.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know all about what has been dubbed the “Slap Heard Around The World” that happened on Sunday night at the Academy Awards.

If you don’t know what that’s about, you can catch up here:

WATCH: Chris Rock Smoked In Face By Will Smith After Joke… Doesn’t Miss A Beat

Or you can just watch the uncensored moment here:


Will Smith initially laughed at the anodyne joke, but his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, was visibly annoyed from the moment it was said.

Even Chris Rock recognized it when he said, “That was a nice one.”

Shortly after the joke, Smith walked up on the stage and slapped Rock’s face, went back to his seat, and heckled him in defense of his wife.

It was an interesting thing to do since Jada Pinkett Smith has publicly humiliated her husband by talking about their “open marriage” and a relationship that she had cultivated with another man while she and her husband were having marital problems.

She did this on her Facebook show, “Red Table Talk” for likes and clicks. Every word clearly hurt Smith.

Hollywood people are so weird.

It seems that Smith’s problem isn’t so much with a joke about his wife’s hair as it is about Jada herself.

It’s kinda weird that he’s so angry about a joke he initially laughed at then slapped and yelled at the comedian who told it after he willingly let other men sleep with his wife.

Nevertheless, people have divided themselves into camps — Pro-Slap, Anti-Slap, and Fake Slap, or complaining about racism, attacks on black women, alopecia sufferers, or something — it’s comedian Ryan Long that has identified the core issue and it isn’t about the slap at all.

“Comedy has a Bald Wife Joke Problem that needs to stop now. Will Smith and Jada Smith are owed an apology,” states the YouTube caption.

Here is Ryan Long cutting through the crap and dealing with the Bald Wife Joke Problem.

Long is clear — there is a list of things that you can’t make fun of, and the Bald Wife is at the top of that list.

Before the show even started, Ricky Gervais was tagged in a Tweet wishing that he’d have hosted the Oscars with a clip of him hosting the Golden Globes in 2020 mocking celebrities, woke culture, and the death of comedy. He didn’t give a rip and relentlessly skewered the Hollywood elites for over seven minutes.

Gervais responded to the tweet explaining how he would start off and even he didn’t include a Bald Wife Joke.

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