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OOPS: Group Biden Removed From Terror List Takes Credit For Explosion In Saudi Oil Facilities

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In case you were wondering why the Saudis aren’t taking Joe’s calls right now, this is part of their reason. Another one is his goofy Iran policy.

Between Joe’s war on domestic oil production to placate the Gaia-worshippers in his own party, and the instability stemming from Putin’s war in Ukraine, he’s looking for increased supply to push prices down wherever he can find it.

But he’s managed to alienate or hamstring some of the obvious people who could have helped. Canada has underdeveloped refinery capacity and could have kept American refineries running at capacity. Too bad he nixed the pipeline that would have helped accomplish that.

And the Saudis aren’t even taking his calls, for good reason.

Even the production levels they ARE maintaining, which keeps oil and gas from being even more expensive than it is now, can only be helpful, trusted, and relied on if terrorists don’t find a way to blow them halfway to hell.

Of course, if we still had the energy independence we had under Trump, we wouldn’t care nearly as much about supply interruptions in far-flung parts of the world, we could just make up the difference here at home.

A group of Iranian-backed extremists, which Democrat President Joe Biden removed from the official Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) list, claimed credit on Friday for an attack on Saudi energy facilities.

“At (1725), Saudi Aramco’s Bulk Plant in Jeddah was targeted with an act of aggression, the early indications of which suggest that it was targeted by the terrorist, Iran-backed Houthi militia,” the Saudi Press Agency said in a statement. “A fire erupted in (2) tanks in the oil facility; the fire was controlled, and no injuries or loss of life were recorded. This hostile escalation targets oil facilities, and aims to undermine energy security and the backbone of global economy. These hostile attacks had no impact or repercussions in any way, shape or form on public life in Jeddah City.”

…The Houthi extremists later claimed responsibility for the attacks, saying that they “did several attacks with drones and ballistic missiles” in Saudi Arabia, including an “Aramco installation in Jeddah (and) vital installations in Riyadh.” — DailyWire

The Council on Foreign Relations stated the obvious:

Again, this is rightly called terrorism. The main defense of the Trump administration decision to call the Houthis terrorists is that they repeatedly commit acts of terrorism. QED. And the main critique of the Biden administration’s revocation of that decision is equally simple: the Houthis have long committed, and continue to commit, acts of terror. They should be designated an FTO because they are an FTO. — CFR

When were these Houthis removed from the terror list?

He did so almost immediately after taking office. A story from as early as Feb 5, 2021 announced the plan.

As if that weren’t enough… here’s another Iran-connected terror group that Biden is looking to delist from the terror designation. Note the date.

By Ben Wolfgang – The Washington Times – Friday, March 25, 2022
The Biden administration is playing with fire as it considers lifting the formal terrorism designation on Iran‘s elite military force, former U.S. officials and national security scholars said Friday, warning that American lives will be at greater risk if Washington makes such a concession in a bid to revive the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

The debate over whether to pull Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) from the State Department‘s official list of “foreign terrorist organizations” has become a flash point in Vienna, where negotiators from Iran, the U.S., Russia and a handful of other nations are seeking the revival of an Obama-era deal limiting Tehran‘s nuclear program that President Trump repudiated in 2018. The IRGC — which backs militant groups that routinely target U.S. forces in Iraq and Syria, and itself claimed responsibility for a ballistic missile attack in northern Iraq earlier just weeks ago — was put on the terror list in 2019 as the Trump administration was re-imposing sanctions and ratcheting up a “maximum pressure” campaign on Iran. —WashingtonTimes

May all of our readers find someone who loves you the way Joe Biden loves Iran-backed terrorism.

This is looking like Project Cassandra all over again.

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Wes Walker

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