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OOPS: Here’s How SCOTUS Nominee Answered Q’s About CRT, Definition Of ‘Woman’

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With Kamala holding the tiebreaking vote, it’s all but guaranteed that Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson will have the votes to fill Breyer’s seat in SCOTUS. But that doesn’t mean the questions she’s facing don’t matter.

Justice Thomas, Justice Kavanaugh, and judge Miguel Estrada were some of the uglier chapters in the perennial politics of personal destruction Democrats have leveraged for the Borking of Republican judicial nominees. But they are by no means the only examples.

Even Judge KBJ was surprised to learn that a female black nominee had been filibustered by Democrats, including Senator Biden to block Dubya’s SCOTUS nominee on two occasions.

Republicans have been directing their questions, not at the history of her personal life, but at her professional record, her decisions, and her personal philosophies.

The questions, and their answers, are not just offering clarity on the woman who has been nominated for the job, but they are exposing the values of those who have nominated her and will endorse her.

As the election of Youngkin shows, these issues are a big deal in the minds of voters.

Let’s look at the questions she’s been facing. We’ve already covered Senator Hawley’s soft-on-kiddie porn questions elsewhere, so we’ll go to Sen Blackburn’s highly-technical question about biology. ‘Can you provide a definition for the word woman?’

Ted Cruz brought up the question of Critical Race Theory — a very hot topic among parents going into this election, and part of an ideology that has been driving the ‘woke’ DEI (or DIE) policies of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Biden’s admin have been pushing that are anything but Constitutionally race-neutral. You may remember that some of Biden’s racially-biased legislation has already been struck down in court less than 6 months after Biden was sworn in.

Here he is asking about CRT, about whether she thinks babies are racist, and what she thinks about an ideology being taught that is an explicit rejection of MKL’s views on race, replacing the ideal of a colorblind society with teachings of race essentialism.

We leave you to judge whether her answers are satisfactory.

With crime spiking, Dem-backed AGs who refuse to prosecute criminals, and ‘defund the police’ activists having growing influence on the left, her leniency on a ‘fentanyl kingpin’ (Tom Cotton’s words) who she had previously sentenced to 20 years came into question. So did her position on the defund-the-police movement.

She was asked about the time she reduced his sentence and (since heroin and fentanyl are big concerns nationally) she was asked whether any victims had been consulted before this decision. Keep in mind that even if there were named victims, there are many advocacy groups ready and willing to serve as the collective voice of victims more broadly.

Perhaps the most contentious part of Cotton’s questioning came during a back and forth over a case in which Jackson sentenced the defendant to 20 years in prison. Cotton said she later reduced the man’s sentence.

“You took a motion for compassionate release, to get out of prison, and turned it into a motion to reduce a sentence,” Cotton said.

“You twisted the law and you rewrote it, so you could cut the sentence of a drug kingpin,” he said.

Jackson pushed back on the assertion. Congress provided judges with the opportunity to review sentences through a compassionate release mechanism, she said.

Cotton also asked her whether she thinks the nation needs more or fewer police officers. When Jackson sidestepped the question, he pressed her on it again. —Arkansas Online

Democrats will almost certainly fall in line to push her nomination through.

But with midterms coming, let us not forget that every Dem who does so has to own any of the controversial policies she endorses.

Youngkin’s win in Virginia, which has been viewed as a safe blue state for some years now, but race essentialism in the schools helped pave the way for a Republican clean sweep.

Whether she is confirmed or not, what will still matter in either case is that we are actually learning about important issues, and where Biden and his Democrats really stand on them.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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