PART 2: Pulitzer-Prize Winning NYT Reporter Blasts His Own Paper’s Sins On Hidden Camera (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on March 10, 2022

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Had he known he was being filmed while saying this, he’d never have said half of what he did. But now it’s out there. Smack-dab in the middle of the public record.

All the news that’s fit to print, as you might say… courtesy of yet another Project Veritas undercover video.

Part One, released yesterday, is available here: EXPOSED: New York Times Journo Says Jan 6 Media Coverage Was An ‘Overreaction’ (VIDEO)

His bosses and colleagues will NOT like what the camera caught Rosenberg talking about.

He dismissed as non-existent the ‘pee tape’ — in which Trump supposedly had Russian hookers peeing on a mattress the Obamas had slept in — but he did so in the context of a story he had written that, he said, involved the CIA, the NSA, and a Russian claiming to have the pee tape ‘kompromat’. (The headline in question is shown in the video.)

Rosenberg rails on the woke culture who do not know what they are doing. He calls them ‘toxic’ and ‘bullies’, while blasting as bullsh^t the outsized and divisive influence they have on the paper’s culture.

He admits that more readership is being driven away by the hard-left politicization of everything than drawn in.

He derides colleagues for their poor writing skills, for their inability to think clearly, and being neurotic.

He predicts the Times will lose their court case with O’Keefe.

From the video description:

Rosenberg also discussed what happens in the newsroom at the New York Times revealing that there is “a real internal tug of war between, like the reasonable people and some of the crazier leftist sh*t that’s worked its way in there.”

Rosenberg added, “They’re not the majority, but they’re very vocal, loud minority that dominate social media and, therefore, has just hugely outsized influence.” Rosenberg also said he thinks this is “alienating” its subscribers who he describes as “prosperous.”

It’s fair to say, the old Grey Lady is not what she used to be.

Even Rosenberg, when asked about the impact the young woke activists have had on the paper answered — have you read it?

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