Psaki Lies To Doocy, Blames Putin For Oil Prices … But We Have The Receipts (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on March 8, 2022

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An administration that has pretty much nothing to show for its first year has two choices. They can correct their course or they can look for scapegoats. Democrats are so predictable, aren’t they?

The very first day Biden came into office, he declared war on the energy industry. He inherited an America in which our energy supply was self-sufficient for the first time in modern memory, our reserves had been topped up during a major price dip during COVID, and the cost per barrel was low enough that it didn’t endanger the operating budgets of American families and businesses.

The dirty little secret, as we see in Buttigieg and AOC’s glib answers to this crisis, about switching to electric vehicles, is that pricing oil and gas out of reach for the average citizen was the explicit goal of restricting energy production. They were trying to fast-track a transition to the electric economy. Of course, they didn’t stop to think where we get our electricity, or where everyone would get the money for all these shiny new cars.

Especially since this same shock at the pump was going to jack up the price of every item of food, clothing, furniture, electronics, or pretty much anything else that you might find on a store shelf.

And we’re just getting started.

Doocy asked Psaki about that very question, about increases in gas prices predating Putin’s invasion by a long time. But her talking points were already locked in and rolled right off her tongue. There were a few back-and-forth exchanges between them about energy policy.

You can view them at your leisure.

The main problem with Psaki’s answers is the fact that they are not honest.

Besides this exchange, Psaki put out a long social media thread of misinformation trying to put lipstick on this pig. But if you look at the American government’s own statistics, here, you will find an interactive version of the following chart.

Here’s the zoomed-in 10-year version.

The graph is measuring thousands of barrels of oil produced per day across time. Taking information directly from that chart, here are some key numbers and their corresponding dates.

8,915 — January 2017, Trump was sworn in.
13,100 — February 2020, the last full month before pandemic lockdown.
9,700 — Aug 2020, the lowest ebb of oil production during lockdown
11,000 — Dec 2020, Trump’s last full month in office

10,900 — Jan 2021, Biden was sworn in.
10,000 — Feb 2021, Biden’s first exec orders take effect.
11,800 — Dec 2021, Peak oil production under Biden.
11,600 — Jan 2021, Current oil production under Biden.

Translation — even at the greatest output during Biden adminstration we are producing 1,300 thousand fewer barrels a day than we were at top production under Trump … and no matter HOW Psaki wants to spin that, it’s a direct result of slapping Green New Deal thinking onto our energy policy.

Here is a screenshot from a table of Historical Crude oil prices month by month found here. The two columns represented are the actual historical price, and one adjusted for inflation.

You will note that the most recent number on this table is a month BEFORE Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Does Psaki’s claim fit the facts in this table?

That’s without even getting into the actual price at the pump.

We’ve got that too. (Source)

For clarity’s sake we have indicated the month Biden was sworn in with an oval, and every month in which fuel prices exceeded $3/gal with a box around those numbers.

Does Jen Psaki presume to tell us that Putin was invading Ukraine back in May of 2021?

If not, how is she not a liar? And if so, why did they wait until now to do something about it?

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