Canada’s ‘Freedom Convoy’ Organizer Released On Bail With RIDICULOUS Conditions

Written by Sir John, Eh! on March 8, 2022

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Good news! One of Canada’s political prisoners has been released on bail pending the outcome of the charges related to organizing a protest against government COIVD mandates.

Tamara Lich, 49, of Medicine Hat, Alberta has been released on bail after sitting in jail since her arrest on February 18 for her role in organizing the “Freedom Convoy” of hundreds of truckers that crossed Canada and parked in front of Parliament Hill in late January.

BREAKING: Freedom Convoy Leaders Arrested In Ottawa

The convoy was a peaceful, grassroots protest pushing back against public health mandates during COVID and stayed firmly in place until Prime Minister invoked the “Emergencies Act” on February 14 which gave the government extraordinary powers to remove protesters.

Trudeau Invokes Emergencies Act To End Trucker Protest — Gets Blasted By Canadian Civil Liberties Group

The “Emergencies Act” is a revamp of Canada’s previous “War Measures Act” which had only been used 3 times in Canadian history. The invocation would allow insurance companies to cancel protesters’ insurance policies, permit banks to freeze assets of Canadians participating in the protest without a warrant, compel tow truck drivers to remove the trucks, and give police powers to remove protesters by force.

The Prime Minister invoked the Emergencies Act and it was immediately implemented despite debate continuing in Parliament. Fences were erected in front of Parliament preventing Canadians from accessing the House that was purportedly “for the people.” A checkpoint system was implemented for the downtown core of Ottawa.

The Act was voted on in the House of Commons on February 21 — one week after it was invoked — and shamefully passed with a vote of 185 to 151. The Senate was still debating the use of the act when Trudeau revoked the use of the measures on February 23.

Meanwhile, Lich was sitting in jail.

She was initially denied bail on February 22, but it was granted on Monday.

The Judge said that the previous judge made “legal errors” when deciding that Lich had to remain in custody for the dastardly crime of *checks notes*… “counseling to commit mischief.”

According to Justice John Johnston, the prior judge overseeing the case made a legal error when ruling to keep Lich behind bars. On Feb. 22, Justice Julie Bourgeois denied Lich bail, citing the possibility that she would reoffend and that her release would harm the integrity of the justice system.

In his new ruling, Johnston stated that Bourgeois had made errors in her original decision to detain Lich. These errors included Bourgeois’s claim that Lich’s release would hurt the reputation of the justice system, but Johnston also argued that the prior judge had not considered Lich’s charges “objectively.”

“When considering the gravity of the offence, the bail justice used subjective considerations, not an objective comparison,” said Johnston. “This is an error in law (and it’s) not minor.”

Johnston also stated “that it’s not likely that (Lich) would face potential lengthy imprisonment” upon the completion of her trial.

“I find that this accused ought to be released,” ruled Johnston.

The previous judge — a former Liberal Party candidate who had been praised by Trudeau — made some “mistakes” in the law that were absolutely shameful.

It was so bad that even Canada’s state broadcaster had to admit that it was ridiculous.

Justice Johnston said that because Lich had no prior convictions and that this was not a violent offense, she should be released on bail.

“Given my findings of the proposed surety, I’m satisfied with appropriate conditions. Risk can be managed and Ms. Lich can be released,” said Johnston. “Ms. Lich is seen on video saying “hold the line.” But use of tertiary grounds to detain usually involve violence or terrorism offences, home invasions or serious drug trafficking cases. None of these issues are present here.”

“It’s not alleged that this accused committed violence or counselled violence. There’s no use of firearms or weapons alleged, at least no allegation against Ms. Lich herself,” Johnston said in his decision.
Source: True North

But it’s not a complete win — the conditions Lich has to abide by are pretty astounding — she has to provide $5,000 bond and the person responsible for her will provide a $20,000 bond. Lich will have to leave Ottawa within 24 hours, leave Ontario within 72 hours, be in contact with the police to ensure that she has left the province. She is not to contact the other protest organizers.

Then, the kicker — she’s not permitted to protest COVID measures or go on social media.

Ottawa-based lawyer David Anber was live-tweeting the decision and summarized the judge’s decision in bullet points.

She’s not permitted to exercise her constitutionally-protected right to protest. How is that legal?

Here’s the first video of Tamara Lich:

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wasn’t exactly receiving a warm welcome from the Brits when he went to visit Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday.

It was so bad, Trudeau had to take the back door.

Just a couple of days ago, Prime Minister Trudeau said that he’s very concerned about some “slippage in democracies” and a turn towards “slightly more authoritarian leaders.”

Is this guy for real???

The man apparently doesn’t own a mirror since he is the authoritarian pushing “misinformation and disinformation” himself. He said that a Jewish Member of Parliament was “standing with Nazis” because her party supported the trucker protest.

Recently, Trudeau’s Public Safety Minister, Marco Mendacious Mendicino said — without evidence — that the Emergencies Act was necessary because nestled unsuspecting amidst the truckers who erected bouncy castles, played street hockey, and were feeding the homeless, were rapists. If you think that the Trudeau government believes this, then I’ve got a bridge to sell you in between Windsor and Detroit, because they didn’t warn a single female Member of Parliament that there were would-be rapists amongst the protesters while they walked through the area every day for three weeks.

The Liberal Party of Canada under Justin Trudeau is the “slippage” in democracy and the “turn to authoritarianism” that Trudeau was warning about.

He just doesn’t recognize it because he likes authoritarianism… when he is the one in power.

One of Canada’s national treasures, columnist Rex Murphy, handles that beautifully here:

Rex Murphy: ‘Slippages’ in democracy? Justin Trudeau knows a lot about that

It’s time for people who are serious about preserving Western democracies and not becoming a clone of China to stand up and vote these authoritarian a-holes out of office. Period.

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