SICK: Biden Used Foreign Visit To Push ‘Very Fine People’ Lie (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on March 27, 2022

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Joe Biden was asked a question about facing Trump in 2024. Not only did show his contempt by refusing to mention either his name or title, but he jumped straight into the tired old lie we’ve heard so often.

He invoked the ‘Charlottesville hoax’, which is the line of argument that claims Trump is pro-Nazi because of a misquoted line he Trump used in trying to give a measured response to the events of Charlottesville. He had acknowledged that the protest which had originally centered on keeping or removing a local historical statue but had grown to represent much bigger issues, was not the binary issue the media had portrayed it as.

Some of those wanting to keep the statues had no connection to the race-baiting agitators, and some of those who opposed came dressed all in black and armed with weapons and shields. Listening to the wider context, it’s clear that Trump was trying to leave room for honest debate while denouncing agitators on both sides.

Until the events became politicized, even Jim Acosta — who had asked Trump the question that prompted the oft-quoted response — acknowledged his having done so in this tweet:

Joe Biden Is STILL Pushing The Lie That Trump Hasn’t Condemned White Supremacists

GOTCHA JOURNALISM: Journos KNOW Biden Is Lying About ‘Fine People’ Hoax — Here’s Proof

Joe Biden launched his campaign using the events of that day as the justification for his return to politics. He was a white knight rushing to save us from the evils of big bad ‘racist’ Trump.

Except it never happened. He NEEDED the perception of Trump as a bigot, or his base would never elect a no-account China-white political retread to high office.

Anyone paying attention will notice he’s been desperately trying to avoid any comparison between his term and Trump. He is very careful never to mention Trump by name. And in this video, when asked about a 2024 matchup in which he might face an electoral rematch, he stripped Trump of both his name and his title, referring him to as ‘the gentleman you mentioned’ before going directly to back to the well of racist slander. Even in the closing words of this reply, he claims he would be very fortunate if he has ‘that man’ running against him.

So much for the old axiom of ‘domestic politics end at the water’s edge’.

Only a month ago, Biden cheerleader Joy Reid used exactly that sentiment in coming to her white knight’s defense.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid agreed with the notion that domestic political beef shouldn’t affect foreign policy.

“’Politics ends at the water’s edge’ used to be a thing,” Reid wrote in response to the tweet. Biden, however, was not abroad, but in the White House. — FoxNews

This was in response to Biden refusing to take any reporters’ questions about Russian sanctions in a White House meeting mid-February. Meaning, he was IN America when being criticized.

Joe, meanwhile, unjustly linked Trump to Charlottesville etc, while addressing reporters in Brussels.

That’s low.

Even for a low-rent SOB like Joe.

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