TED CRUZ: Puts Main WH Talking Points Through The Wood Chipper … Especially Oil & Ukraine (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on March 15, 2022

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Biden and the Dems have been trying hard to gaslight us on what’s been driving gas prices and their role in the situation in Ukraine.

Our side has thrown the Government’s own statistics at them, but Psaki, Pelosi & Co. keep flapping their gums saying the same thing. You can find our version debunking them here: Psaki Lies To Doocy, Blames Putin For Oil Prices … But We Have The Receipts (VIDEO)

But since they keep hammering the same talking points to ‘debunk’ complaints about their obvious policy failures having direct causal impact on the mess we find ourselves in both domestically and internationally today, let’s have a Senator from Texas take them to school on the enormous failures in their energy policy.

This is from his most recent ‘The Verdict’ podcast.

Here are a few of the many points he addresses in the conversation.

LIE: Gas prices are Putin’s fault.

FACT: His policy decisions right out of the gate: scrapping Keystone pipeline, no new leases on federal lands onshore AND offshore, no new drilling on ANWAR — caused the total number of drilling rigs to plummet. This was by design.

ALSO: Biden directed no federal funds into infrastructure that DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY benefit from Oil & Gas. This includes pipelines and roads leading to drilling projects. In Energy states that prohibition could literally be applied to every road, bridge, and port.

LIE: Oil Companies can just use the thousands of leases already approved.

TRUTH: Each of those leases goes back to the corporation for a Cost/Benefit analysis. If they cannot profit off that lease, they will not drill. If they cannot move the oil or gas to market (for lack of pipelines) they will not drill. The White House is creating a problem and then blaming Oil Companies for it.

There were several such breakdowns of Democrat claims… including the ‘global markets’ pricing excuse (as if American production would have no impact on supply and demand)

Cruz spoke briefly about the (digital) meeting Congress had with Zelensky, in which, among other things, the Ukrainian president made it clear that if the sanctions on Nordstream 2 had been in place from the beginning, Putin would never have invaded.

He says the war could have been avoided if only Dems had been in favor of sanctions? That might make THESE ‘Democrats in Putin’s Pocket’ stories awkward for the Dems in the coming election, don’t you think?

To be fair, this is hardly the first time in this presidency that Dems have had blood on their hands for their bad policy decisions.

But the scope of damage for these ones is so much wider, both and home and abroad.

Worse still, they were as preventable and they were predictable.

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