5th Graders Endured Hellish Treatment In The Name Of ‘Anti-Racism’… Parents Are Pissed

Written by Wes Walker on March 15, 2022

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The left has been honing their talent for delivering indefensible ideas in pretty packaging. They are very good at it. Case In Point? ‘Anti-Racism’.

Here’s quick recap of what the left means by anti-racism before we show a dramatic example of how this ideology has been creating miserable and humiliating situations for our children at the hands of their so-called ‘educators’ that left students crying and complaining to their parents about being abused.

The Moral High Ground Bait And Switch

Their game of deception starts with the common understanding that the thing we all knew as racism was a bad thing. Then they play around with the definition to make it mean something a little different from the definition we THINK we hold in common.

This is not a new tactic with the left, during COVID, for instance, we’ve seen dictionaries rewrite their definitions of vaccine and anti-vaxxer to make them line up with the trendy government talking points. If readers of 1984 wondered where Winston Smith would have a job in 2022, one reasonable guess might be Marrion-Webster’s Dictionary.

A quick web search shows that other definitions that have recently changed in dictionary entries include ‘court-packing’, fascism, and — in Germany anyway — the definition of the word ‘Jew’.

Activists have conspicuously narrowed their definitions of racism to apply only in the left’s selective and artificial Marxist terms of oppressor/oppressed dynamics. If you’re the majority group, you definitionally, cannot be oppressed, no matter how you are treated or viewed based on nothing more than the color of your skin.

This is where the Trojan Horse term ‘Anti-Racism’ comes into play.

The MLK vision of a colorblind society is no longer acceptable to today’s activist left. In fact, to even say you are color blind is to align yourself with the (alleged) bigots they are trying to silence.

What they want is something bigger. They reject Equality; they want Equity in its place.

They want to penalize the ‘privileged’ group to ‘make things right’ for the ‘oppressed’ group. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a skyrise in Manhattan, an apartment over a fish market, or a trailer park. In their math, if your skin is white, you are both privileged and the oppressor of those who are not. For someone who is white to say he is not racist, or to present evidence in his own defense against that insulting allegation is, itself, an act of self-incrimination.

The only way out of that Kaftka Trap is to self-incriminate, join some Americanized version of a Maoist ‘Struggle Session’. (For more on the connection between that concept and modern situations, we recommend doing a websearch on the topic. Here are the results that turned up for one of ours.)

Familiarity with the self-incrimination and self-denunciation of Mao’s tactics in coercing the students of his day to drive his revolution is important to understanding the context of what’s currently happening in our schools.

Christopher Rufo, who had been something of a one-man army in exposing these horrific practices, brought this example of the psychological abuse of 5th graders — In SAN ANTONIO — to the wider public’s attention in the following thread:

If you think this can’t happen in a school near you, remember this was happening in San Antonio… Texas.

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