WATCH: Nutty Nancy Reads Bono’s Poem Comparing Zelenskyy To St. Patrick… On St. Patty’s Day

Written by K. Walker on March 18, 2022

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Could we have ONE day where things aren’t politicized up the wazoo?

Apparently, not when there are Democrats around.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) read a weird poem by the lead singer of U2 at the annual “Friends of Ireland” luncheon in Washington to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

She began with a weird intro of Bono as though he is some sort of token Irish friend that people have.

“Bono has been a very Irish part of our lives,” said the octogenarian Pelosi before reading the poem that compares the President of Ukraine to one of the most commonly-known figures in Christendom.

The singer’s poem politicized a beloved Christian figure and tied it into current events.  Of course, it did.

The poem paints Voldomyr Zelenskyy as a modern-day St. Patrick citing an old myth that St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland. In Bono’s version, the snakes in St. Patrick’s time represented “an evil that rises and hides in your heart” but that is now apparently embodied by Vladimir Putin. It’s a weird poem, but then, it is written by a guy who renamed himself Bono Vox which means “Good Voice” in Latin. Dude’s a bit high on himself and his own thoughts, it seems.

Watch Nutty Nancy try to read it coherently:

Here is the full text of Bono’s poem:

Oh St. Patrick, he drove out the snakes

With his prayers, but that’s not all it takes

For the snake symbolizes

An evil that rises

And hides in your heart

As it breaks

And the evil has risen my friends

From the darkness that lives in some men

But in sorrow and fear

That’s when saints can appear

To drive out those old snakes once again

And they struggle for us to be free

From the psycho in this human family

Ireland’s sorrow and pain

Is now the Ukraine

And Saint Patrick’s name now Zelenskyy

As brave as Zelenskyy has been facing the invasion by the Russians, he’s not Saint Patrick.

Saint Patrick was taken captive from the British Isles at age 16 and held in slavery for 6 years where he was a shepherd and isolated from other people. After he escaped, he felt called back to bring the Gospel to the people of Ireland, even though he wasn’t actually Irish. Through his preaching of the Gospel that incorporated Irish culture and practices, large segments of the pagan population converted to Christianity.

How is this comparable to standing your ground against a foreign invasion? Heck if I know.

If that poem read by Pelosi wasn’t cringe-inducing enough, leave it to Joe Biden to insult an entire group of people with a single sentence.

The proud, Irish Catholic President implied that Irish people are stupid in a “joke” that fell flat.

Let’s do a quick fact check on this…

  • Biden is Irish.  True.
  • Biden is stupid. True.
  • But there is no evidence that this is true of Irish people in general.
  • Biden’s Irish heritage may not be the cause for his stupidity. The cause seems to be willful ignorance and an inability to comprehend basic facts. It also explains why he’s a proud Democrat.

Way to go politicizing St. Patty’s Day, Democrats!

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