WATCH: Russell Brand Blasts Justin Trudeau For Saying That ‘A Slippage In Democracy’ Emboldened Putin

Written by Sir John, Eh! on March 14, 2022

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pretends to “defend democracy.” Russell Brand calls him out on it.

In a video just under 12-minutes, comedian, actor, and YouTuber, Russell Brand blasts Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his hypocritical position on the invasion of Ukraine after the handling of peaceful protesters in Ottawa.

While the heavy-handed response to a protest isn’t even remotely comparable to the invasion of Ukraine, both are very clearly wrong, and it’s quite disgusting that Trudeau is standing on a moral soapbox preaching all over Europe about “democracy” and how to get along with people with whom you disagree.

Recently, Trudeau said that a “slippage” in Western democracies due to the spread of misinformation and disinformation has emboldened Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine. Yes, he is serious because he is indeed that ridiculous.

Russell Brand dismantles that argument neatly right here in a way that is entertaining and enlightening. He manages to thoroughly cover Trudeau’s pro-censorship policies and admiration for authoritarianism in a succinct way.

(He also mocks Trudeau for his word choice of “slippage” which is kind of disturbing, as well as playing into that stereotype of Canadians with his repeated use of the word “aboot.”)

It certainly looks like Brand is right about Trudeau pushing for war over the invasion of Ukraine.

Interestingly, last week, Prime Minister Trudeau and his entourage including Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Jolie, several other Canadian officials along with a planeload of Canadian media were traipsing all over Europe to “address the situation in Ukraine” because the world needs Canada to weigh in. Especially after the way that the Prime Minister recently treated his own citizens protesting draconian government mandates.

There was a bit of a hullaballoo when a journalist from the state-funded broadcaster asked why the Prime Minister was in Europe when there are pressing issues in Canada.

Here is CBC’s Travis Dhanraj asking the quesition. Just watch the body language and reactions from the Deputy PM and Foreign Affairs Minister.

“It’s not a photo-op tour.”

Riiiight. Here’s Trudeau’s European Vacation in a series of tweets.

It certainly looks like a photo-op tour.

And while he’s out there, he’s saying things that completely contradict his actions in his own country.

Is this guy for real? He’s like a guy that’s always broke but wants to give you investment advice. Absolutely ridiculous!

So what was this trip all about when he could have met virtually with other leaders as Biden is doing? Why does he, the Deputy PM, and the Foreign Affairs Minister need to all be in Europe right now?

He says that Canada is there to “defend democracy” but really, it was an opportunity to gather a bunch of crafted images for full-on Canadian war propaganda.

That’s pretty bold from the guy who just used the revamped war measures that was given the new politically correct name of “Emergencies Act” to end a peaceful protest in Ottawa and has been slashing funding to the military since he came into office.

A whole lot of Western leaders are pushing for war, but some of them (like Canada) don’t really have much to contribute militarily.

The thing is, with Canada’s massive deposits of fossil fuels, there is something that it could contribute to the world, but the chucklehead Thunberg-worshippers running the government would rather have everyone die of cold and hunger than increase production of oil and gas in Canada.

That refusal is also kicking the economic powerhouse of Alberta in the teeth, which is stirring up separatist sentiment there.

Maybe Justin should be a little more focused on domestic problems that are driving separatist factions in Quebec and now the West rather than trying to push propaganda for a war Ukraine. Canada is in a fragile situation right now, and the Prime Minister is focused on an international conflict rather than the one that he’s ginning up at home.

But then, the country did vote for this incompetent leadership, so they’ll just have to deal with another 4 years of this clown show.

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