WATCH: The Redneck’s Guide To Understanding Russia And Ukraine

Written by Wes Walker on March 23, 2022

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Buddy Brown is not your typical beltway political pundit. He actually makes sense.

There’s a simple explanation for why that is. He’s not speaking from the beltway because’s he is not from the beltway. He’s about as far from being a D.C. clone as you can get.

One of the lines he uses in this video is, ‘everyone makes fun of a redneck until you need supplies, protection, or common sense.’

There’s something to that. I can’t help but notice most people don’t usually call on your skinny-jeans-wearing buddy with the Prius to lend a hand on moving day, they ask their buddy with the pickup if he’s got plans.

Ever wonder what the blah-blah-blah of the TV news talking heads would sound like if it were translated into terms that people who don’t give a rat’s a$$ about politics can actually relate to?

Think about the dynamics at play with the motives of Putin wanting to swallow up Ukraine (and China on the move, too) together with Ukraine’s desperate defense of their homeland (hello, Second Amendment!) and how all of that has domino effects here at home that we need to give thought to.

If you wanted to explain those important issues in terms that wouldn’t bore, say, a farmer, welder, or fisherman to tears, — maybe even sneaking in a bit of the history between the 1991 breakup of the USSR to the modern day — how would you do it?

You’d probably repackage those same ideas in familiar and palatable metaphors taken from the world they actually give a damn about. It might sound something like this.

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