WATCH: Tolerant Leftist Students Shout ‘F*ck You, Facist!’ At Father Who Lost Custody Of ‘Trans’ Child

Written by K. Walker on March 3, 2022

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This didn’t occur at some “woke” college like UCLA, SUNY, or Missou — this happened at the University of North Texas.

The University of North Texas branch of the Young Conservatives of Texas hosted speaker Jeffrey Younger who lost custody of his young son in 2019 after a lengthy battle with his ex-wife — who is not the biological mother of the child since the couple used donor eggs to conceive their twin boys James and Jude — because he did not believe that his son is really transgender.

Younger says that his son, James, now age 9, didn’t want to wear girls’ clothes when he was visiting his dad, and showed relief when he could just behave and dress like a boy.

Younger has accused his ex-wife, a pediatrician, of essentially “grooming” James to transition into a girl since he was as young as two and called this twisted behavior “sexual abuse” since it is fundamentally altering the child’s sense of self as it relates to his gender.

ClashDaily covered Younger’s battle here:

Younger is running for the Texas House of Representatives and part of his platform is to outlaw sex reassignment surgeries for children.

Leftists at the University of North Texas infiltrated the event to oppose Younger speaking about his experience of the government taking away custody and handing sole custody of his son to a woman that he sees as an abuser who is gaslighting a young boy because of her gender ideology.

Here’s the video circulating of the angry leftists shouting down Jeffrey Younger standing at the front of the room.

The students were banging the desks and shouting, “F*ck you, fascist!” without a hint of irony. They don’t seem to realize that the behavior of the government — taking away custody from Younger — is the authoritarianism they claim to oppose. To them, fascism means “things I don’t like” and they would gladly impose their leftwing worldview by government fiat if they could.

Tom Elliott of Grabien News notes that these “anti-fascists” have become the thing that they oppose.

This is the state of discourse on college campuses these days.

When Younger tried to speak, it became absolute chaos.

This is what college is doing to people.

Leftist crowds outside got rowdy because they think it’s really important to transition children. 

And the thing is, they want to swarm in, shut down, and oppose — but they don’t want you to know who they are.

Of course, the internet is forever and you can still see the entire thread here.

The education system doesn’t “educate” anymore — it indoctrinates. It begins with “early childhood education” and culminates in these radical, leftwing colleges.

Bet the Texas parents shelling out $27K per year for this “education” are just thrilled with this development.

This is why you should homeschool your kids and encourage them to take up a trade. Why expose them to this insanity?

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