Yo, MEN: Study Alleges Meat-Induced Infertility — Here’s Why We’re Calling BS

Written by Wes Walker on March 18, 2022

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There’s a hard push by interested parties to change how the West eats.

Weirdly, it’s not an insistence that we give a re-think to our national addictions to processed foods and sugar.

Nope, the problem is meat. Activists really want us to stop eating it, and not just the PETA people either. Billionaires with super-yachts have decided that our eating meat is part of the dangerous problem plaguing the planet, so they are inducing us with all kinds of other substitutes, like bugs, or fake meat made out of soy.

There’s a story from The Sun (UK) that has been making the rounds in which it is claimed that ‘protein poisoning’ from eating too much meat can reduce male testosterone and make men infertile.

Here are some quotes from the piece, which we will examine.


For the study, Mr Whittaker and colleagues compiled the results of 27 studies, involving 309 men.

It found that high protein diets, which tended to be low in carbohydrates as a compromise, consistently affected testosterone and raised cortisol.

A diet high in protein was one in which 35 per cent of calories came from protein, such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy, beans and pulses.

For a man eating 2,500 calories per day, this would mean they were eating around 865 calories in protein. —TheSun


“Anecdotally, I have heard numerous men complain of mild symptoms of protein poisoning such as stomach ache and diarrhoea, when trying to bulk up.

“Anything above 35 per cent protein for more than two weeks is dangerous territory.

“It could be safe for some people, but it is not well studied, and what little research exists on it, strongly suggests it will do harm.”

Mr Whittaker recommended sticking to below a 30 per cent protein limit, or 15 to 25 per cent if looking to start a family.–TheSun

Obviously, as a writer, not a doctor, if you have any questions concerning your own health, bring it to your doctor. We’re just looking at general principles here.

What can we notice? First, this is a meta-study compiling results of 27 studies involving 309 men. That means each of those 27 studies involved about eleven men. As small sample sizes go, wow.

Statistically, we know that smaller sample sizes are less reliable for drawing conclusions than larger sample sizes. It wasn’t so long ago that far larger results showing the benefits of, say, Ivermectin were dismissed as inadequate.

Then we see phrases like ‘anecdotally’, and ‘not well studied’ before he makes a sweeping judgment.

He doesn’t even acknowledge that the point of protein-rich diets like Keto or the Carnivore diet trigger a physiological response in which the body switches from using sugars and carbohydrates as a primary energy source, to using fats.

Nor does he have anything to say about the impact carrying extra weight can have on testosterone and fertility. Study: Lowered testosterone in male obesity, or the fact that protein-centered diets are popular precisely because they have a reputation of helping drive weight loss.

If you want to look further into the science of this topic, here’s somewhere you can start, with a contributor who is trying to find a nuanced understanding of what the facts do and do not tell us. This piece compared two competing claims about diet and testosterone. One of the diets in the comparison was the kind recommended by the doctor in the piece above, the other was the carnivore (meat-only) diet.

One study found that a high fat, low fiber diet increases testosterone, but then another study found that diets high in protein but low in carbohydrates were associated with lower testosterone, yet if you worked out, the testosterone would be a level higher than that of a high carbohydrate diet. —WildLumins

The people who want to talk us out of meat think they can win us over by giving us something that’s ‘close enough’. It’s something like the de-alcoholized beer or decaf coffee of the protein world.

They claim those fake meat options are better for us, but we’re not convinced. Maybe this has something to do with it.

Or maybe some guys just don’t like to dine on foods that mimic estrogen… for the exact reasons we were told not to eat meat.


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