BIDENFLATION: Consumer Price Index Surges To 8.5% In March Hitting 41-Year High

Written by K. Walker on April 12, 2022

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While the White House tries to spin this as “Putin’s Price Hike” we all know that higher costs are because of Bidenflation.

Remember when the administration told us that inflation wasn’t happening, then it was “transitory” and only affecting rich people until it was actually a “good” thing?

Well, good luck spinning that as Tuesday’s inflation numbers show that Americans are paying more for pretty much everything. Inflation has soared to 8.5% in one year — a benchmark that hasn’t been hit since December 1981.

This has been going on since Biden took office thanks in large part to the continued money printing that began in the wake of government-imposed COVID lockdowns. But printing more money seems to be the go-to position of the Federal Reserve during the Biden-Harris administration, and to hell with the consequences.

Well, everyday Americans are now reaping what the administration is sowing.

Costly inflation climbed even higher to a new four-decade high of 8.5% in March as the Russia-Ukraine war contributed to a record surge in gas prices and exacerbated existing supply chain disruptions — forcing Americans to pay even more for basic goods.

The latest uptick in March marked the highest annual rate of increase of inflation since December 1981, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics released Tuesday.

On a monthly basis, the Consumer Price Index — a closely tracked inflation gauge that details the costs of goods and services — rose 1.2% from February to March.

Labor Department officials said price increases for gasoline, shelter and food were the largest contributors to inflation. The gasoline price index rose 18.3% in March.
Source: New York Post

On Monday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was trying to downplay what the administration knew were going to be ugly inflation numbers.

The White House insisted that the inflation is high because of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

“We expect March CPI headline inflation to be extraordinarily elevated due to Putin’s price hike,” Psaki told reporters.

“We expect a large difference between core and headline inflation,” she continued, “reflecting the global disruptions in energy and food markets.”…

…Economists consider two versions of the CPI data: The headline number that includes all prices consumers face, and a so-called core CPI that excludes often volatile food and energy price fluctuations.

The White House says it anticipates a wider-than-normal disparity between the headline and core readings because of an abnormal increase in gas prices that occurred last month. The price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline hit a record high of $4.33 on March 11, according to the American Automobile Association.
Source: CNBC

While Putin’s invasion of Ukraine had an effect on fuel costs, let’s not forget that Biden had a hand in that, too.

Excluding fuel and food excuses Biden’s policies from responsibility. On Day 1, he turned back the clock on Trump’s energy policies that had made the U.S. energy independent. America is once again reliant on fossil fuel imports where the price is set by OPEC which includes a few member nations that aren’t exactly fans of America.

Inflation is a tax on everyone and it hits people with lower incomes harder — especially with things like food and fuel costs.

Even a WaPo reporter can understand this.

We all know that the B.S. they’re peddling is simply not true. The Left’s obsession with printing money is a big chunk of the problem here.

As for Psaki, well, the woman just got a gig with MSNBC and she appears to have a medical condition that frequently afflicts those on the left side of the aisle… she’s allergic to honesty.

Kurt Schlichter managed to find the spin that the Biden-Harris administration should have used to appease voters instead of suggesting that everyone should just lower their expectations…

I bet a whole lot of Americans would probably take the mean tweets and $2/gal. gas right now…

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