Crybully WaPo Journo Doxxed Woman Behind Anonymous ‘Libs of Tik Tok’ Account

Written by K. Walker on April 19, 2022

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The reporter that normally covers teen Tik Tok influencers has publicly named the anonymous person behind a powerhouse Twitter account.

Taylor Lorenz is a crybully journalist that exposes the social media screw-ups of private citizens and makes sure that they pay for their “crimes” — even if she’s making them up.

You might remember her name because she’s been mentioned by Tucker Carlson a few times.

His first mention of Lorenz was in March 2021:

Of course, Lorenz didn’t take that criticism well.

Tucker responded to that, too.

Lorenz is a trust fund kid who went to an expensive Swiss boarding school, and then got a job at The Atlantic, moved on to the New York Times, and is now at the Washington Post.

This woman who won’t even confirm the year that she was born is now going after the woman behind the incredibly popular anonymous “Libs of Tik Tok” account.

The woman who runs the account has stated repeatedly that she remains anonymous because she gets threats from leftists who don’t like that she reposts videos from Tik Tok to Twitter exposing what the left is saying in their own words.

Lorenz thinks that this anonymous person should be outed for doing the job that Lorenz is supposed to be doing but failing at.

On Monday, Christina Pushaw, press secretary for Gov. Ron DeSantis posted a screenshot of an email sent by Lorenz for a piece “exposing” the woman behind “Libs of Tik Tok.”

There was a lot of buzz about on conservative Twitter.

It appears that “journalism” now includes harassing family members of anonymous Twitter users.

Interesting how this is somehow more newsworthy than reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop and “10% for the Big Guy” in the weeks before the 2020 Election, eh?

It’s pretty clear why, though — Lorenz and the Regime Media hate the politics of “Libs of Tik Tok” and they hate that their insane worldview is being exposed.

The Washington Post’s exposé on the owner of the account cites Media Matters repeatedly in the article. Any report that includes Media Matters shouldn’t be taken seriously since the Clinton acolyte author of the 2017 “War Plan” clearly laid out their intention to destroy the political right by targeting “right wing media.”

Lorenz’s criticism seems to be centered around what she’s calling Libs of Tik Tok’s “anti-LGBTQ+” posts about (what we call) groomer teachers and the trans insanity.

ClashDaily has chosen not to reveal the identity of the woman behind the Libs of Tik Tok account. Interestingly, Lorenz goes out of her way to announce that the anonymous user said she’s “proudly Orthodox Jewish.”

It also included a link to addresses.

Utterly shameful!

And extremely dangerous with the rise of antisemitism on the left.

Glenn Greenwald has a lot of thoughts on Lorenz going after the anonymous account.

Lorenz is doubling-down and claiming that exposing the name of a private individual who just reposts videos of the Libs owning themselves is just “basic journalism” knowing that it will trigger online and in-person harassment.

Let’s be clear here, Lorenz is just awful. There’s just too much to get into in one article, but here’s one thing that you should know — her reporting at the NYTimes triggered a $6.2 million defamation lawsuit.

Glenn Greenwald has been an outspoken critic of Lorenz for some time.

What is just incredible is that a couple of weeks ago, Lorenz appeared on MSNBC and talked about how she suffered from “severe PTSD” and contemplated suicide after she was the target of online harassment.

The entire MSNBC segment is here:

Tucker Carlson had some fun with that…

Lorenz crying about how “people on the internet” will try to “destroy your life” is pretty rich since that’s pretty much what she does.

Lorenz decided to blast MSNBC for the segment when she came off looking like a complete ass.

This chick is a blatant hypocrite.

This meme shows just how awful Taylor Lorenz is:

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