‘DON’T SAY GAY’: Hollywood Drops Same-Sex Dialogue From Script… For Chinese Audience

Written by Wes Walker on April 13, 2022

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They really do think they can have it both ways. Here in America, they can stand aloof from culture, and demand that WE conform to THEIR woke demands. But China’s a whole other story.

It’s been a long time since Hollywood films have had anything positive to say about America generally, or traditional values in particular. If anything, they seem to revel in finding new and creative ways to denigrate and stigmatize anyone who still believes such ‘antiquated’ ideas.

When they aren’t using film to cram their propaganda down our throats, they are doing so directly, either by threatening to boycott filming in certain states over this or that Republican political issue du jour, or else Hollywood personalities dropping their soapbox on the moral high ground and denouncing America for this or that ‘outrage’ if they can find time to do so somewhere between taking private jets to environmental conferences, juggling their mistresses and fitting it all in between their various trips to rehab.

It’s a crazy life, really. So very demanding.

That moral preening and manufactured outrage quickly changes when they turn their attention from America, which they hate, to China.

As we see with the latest Harry Potter spinoff, Secrets of Dumbledore, when China says ‘jump’, Hollywood does so smartly, without asking ‘how high’?

China cracked their whip across the back of Warner Brothers, and the studio dutifully obeyed.

The third film in the Fantastic Beast series, which will be released on April 15, featured a six-second clip that alluded to a romantic past between Dumbledore (Jude Law) and Grindelwald (Mads Mikkelsen).

The lines ‘because I was in love with you’ and ‘the summer Gellert and I fell in love’ were cut, Warner Bros explained in a statement.

The movie production company said it ‘accepted China’s request to remove six seconds from the movie,’ which runs for 142 minutes.

Caving in to pressure from China’s censors, who allow only a handful of LGBT references each year, was quickly met with derision from fans and movie critics.

‘A major studio works its magic, making tolerance and acceptance disappear,’ wrote Julia Hinds of the Detroit Free Press.

LGBTQ publication Out Magazine slammed the company on Twitter, writing: ‘It’s a shame that, in 2022, certain countries are still censoring LGBTQIA+ characters in film and television.’

Author of the bestselling series JK Rowling announced in 2009 that Dumbledore was gay, but this is the first film or novel to explore his sexuality. —DailyMail

One of the lines that were scrubbed shows up around the 25-second mark of this trailer:

Now, it’s been a long time since this writer of words ever darkened the door of a movie theatre, so why would a story about China censoring the same-sex dialogue of some show I’ll never watch matter?

It doesn’t, except for the fact that Disney has been leading a charge — with the rest of Hollywood at their back — in making a HUGE fuss about Florida’s anti-groomer legislation.

It’s legislation that does not even have the word ‘gay’ anywhere in the text but has been dubbed the ‘don’t say gay’ bill for reasons of propagandistic narrative-building.

For people who are so adamant about pushing the rainbow agenda here at home, they seem strangely subordinate in quietly excising it in their own Chinese film content.

What happened to those principles you crow so loudly about?

Oh, that’s right, you sold them for a fistful of Yuan.

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