LMAO: Bird Speaks For All Of America As It Craps On Biden During His Speech

Written by Wes Walker on April 13, 2022

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Do you remember waaaaay back in 2020 during Pence and Kamala’s debate, when the left went crazy about the fly that landed on Pence? Well, who’s laughing now?

You probably remember all the flies-on-crap jokes that were buzzing around back then, and how it was either God, or Nature (with a capital N, of course), or Karma sending that fly to harass him.

those same Pence-mocking hecklers have fallen silent or else changed their tune completely, now that a bird has taken a literal dump on their supposed 81-million-vote-winning hero.

The press gallery immediately ran to defend Joe’s (alleged) dignity with the Bloomberg journo offering this explanation:

It was indoors. On a farm. In the country.

Do you buy it?

So Sink is saying it’s more plausible that a ‘bit of corn’ went ‘splat’ on his jacket than for a bird to have entered a building large enough for Joe to hold an event in to have been flying around inside?

Is this the Bloomberg guy’s first visit to rural America or what?

It almost seems like Nature itself has gotten on the ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ bandwagon, doesn’t it?

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