English Teachers Say It’s Time To ‘Decenter’ Book Reading And Essay Writing

Written by Wes Walker on April 19, 2022

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While other countries are preparing their children to excel in academics and become high achievers in math, science and the arts, America is going the opposite direction.

We now have English teachers who are opposed to … *checks notes* … reading books.

You might think this is satire. Sadly, our culture is fast becoming a living embodiment of satire. And our ‘educators’ are leading the charge.

Anyone who has read the story of Frederick Douglass knows that he points to his education, and especially his literacy, as the thing which fundamentally transformed his life and unlocked a whole new world to him.

Our educators today would put that world back under lock and key for generations to come.

In an attempt to accomodate the transition into a digital age, English teachers are moving away from an education model that emphasizes the historical method of conveying and mastering our language: books and essays.

The National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) published a position statement on Tuesday that has decided reading books and writing essays is overrated and that it’s time to “decenter” those traditional activities.

…“Students should examine how digital media and popular culture are completely intermingled with language, literature, and writing. The time has come to decenter book reading and essay writing as the pinnacles of English language arts education,” the statement read. —DailyWire

What will they be getting instead of the traditional tools of learning?

You can be sure they’ll learn all kinds of provocative things about race essentialism, oppression and oppressors, gender expression, socialism and globalism that weren’t even spoken about in polite company only a few short years ago.

Priorities, you see. You can’t teach everything, and something’s gotta go, after all.

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