Hunter’s Paternity Suit Details Subpoenaed In Criminal Investigation … Here’s Why That’s Bad For Joe

Written by Wes Walker on April 22, 2022

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Hunter’s refusal to step up and take responsibility for the illegitimate child that Joe doesn’t count among his grandchildren could come back to haunt him.

When the paternity suit proved that Hunter’s visits to a nudie bar had brought a child into the world, he did precisely what you would expect any wealthy leftist to do. He went to court to duck the responsibility of caring for the kid.

The court saga itself was fraught with drama, and we covered it as it unfolded. The headlines themselves present some of the story’s contours. They’re ‘clickable’ for anyone who might want to go back and revisit the details’

It seemed more than a little suspicious to us that Hunter whiplashed so quickly from crying poor to ‘settling quietly’ once his financials were at the center of a subpoena. The discovery of those laptops shed a lot of light on shady business dealings with foreign entities.

Hunter found a way to settle with the plaintiff before those financials could be made public. If he thought that was the end of the story, he was wrong. The records that were under subpoena went all the way back to when ‘the big guy’ was Obama’s Veep.

Hunter and James Biden are both the focus of the subpoena of financial records… going back to when Joe was in office.

Why could this be bad?

Well, there is the small matter of Joe and Hunter Biden having comingled accounts and expenses — which could pose a problem if Hunter is at the center of an investigation about possible criminal infractions on his financials.

Our confidence in any powerful figure on the left paying a meaningful price for corruption in a time when law enforcement itself seems corruptly partisan is pretty low. But the fact that the criminal investigation remains ongoing is itself an interesting sign.

Will anything come of it? Likely not.

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