Jan 6 Defendant Cleared Of All Charges … Is This A Game-Changer?

Written by Wes Walker on April 8, 2022

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This will throw a wrench in the whole Jan 6 insurrection narrative. One man walked free for exactly the reason some have pointed to from the very beginning.

You can’t storm a building if you’ve been invited to enter it.

Matthew Martin’s long ordeal is finally over. He has been cleared of all charges.

He’s no longer viewed by the State as a criminal or a domestic terrorist. But where shall he go to get his reputation back now that the media, the left, and some GOP turncoats in the Jan 6 Commission have cost him a year of his life and so much more?

Here are the details of his acquittal:

Martin, the first January 6 defendant to take the stand in his own defense, admitted to being inside the Capitol on January 6. He testified before Judge Trevor McFadden that after briefly attending former President Trump’s rally, he went back to his hotel. He then returned to the Capitol for what he thought would be another rally and said he was “let in” by police, claiming he didn’t notice any security barrier.

Martin testified that he entered the Capitol building, made his way through the Rotunda, and left. Martin’s movements on January 6 were documented using CCTV footage from inside the Capitol and data, including video, from his own cell phone. Martin was not charged in connection with any of the violence seen on January 6 and was not found to be a member of any extremist groups.

…In his ruling, McFadden cited Martin’s demeanor while inside the Capitol, noting that he did not appear to be screaming or crowding anybody. McFadden also referenced video indicating police didn’t physically block Martin as he entered the building, and one even appeared to possibly be waving him inside. McFadden said it was a “close call” on the charge of entering a restricted building. McFadden agreed that Martin entered the Capitol, but said in his ruling that intent was key.

Martin was formerly a senior engineer who held a national security clearance from the Department of Energy for private sector work. He told CBS News after the verdict that he was grateful and he hoped he would get his job back.–CBS

This is precisely why the American system of government requires the state to presume innocence until guilt is proven.

He was waved in by the police –> He was invited. Since that led to his full acquittal, that makes this story seem especially relevant: HEY LIZ: Can Jan 6 ‘Investigators’ Explain What’s Happening In THIS Video?

There was exactly no violence on the part of Matthew Martin.

He had no ties to ‘extremist’ groups.

He did nothing wrong. But his life was ruined anyway.

Why? Because the left, the media, and some old-guard establishment GOP turncoats needed to build a narrative of defending the Republic against ‘terrorist villains’.

Otherwise, people might notice the threat to the Republic that has been enabled by these same insiders.

The threat wasn’t just Trump… it was the movement of people who were sick of the swamp playing power politics instead of representing the will of the people.

This is the first political prisoner that has been freed. We suspect he will not be the last.

Where does he go to get his reputation back?

Might this be a case in which Kyle Rittenhouse’s new project comes into play?

Rittenhouse Announces ‘The Media Accountability Project’ And Says That Lawsuits Are Coming…

The irony of BigMedia paying damages to innocent ‘offenders’ after profiting off this media-driven narrative would be absolutely delicious.

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