EPIC: Conservative Commentator Turns The Left’s Words Back On Them And It’s PERFECTION

Written by K. Walker on April 8, 2022

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One conservative commentator decided to fight fire with fire… and it’s glorious!

There has been considerable outrage in right-wing circles against the left’s radical gender theories being introduced to younger and younger children.

When conservatives push back against age-inappropriate talk about gender and sexuality to children with things such as Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act, the left goes insane and labels it the “Don’t Say Gay” bill which is then run by their partners in the Partisan Press.

Conservatives don’t back down on the law that has been completely misrepresented by critics and the corporate media, and call the act of desensitizing children to sex and having them question their own gender identity exactly what it is — “grooming” and correctly label those who push it “groomers.”

The left then freaks out even more and says that: (a) this is just moral panic because it’s not happening; (b) conservatives are anti-LGBTQ+ for opposing it; (c) teachers need to introduce these topics to children as early as possible; and (d) it’s not grooming!

That argument makes no sense.

This kind of teaching is harmful and has very nasty and irreversible consequences for children’s mental and physical health.

The “sex positivity” that is being pushed right now opens up children for sexual abuse. The trans activists’ insistence that sex and gender are unrelated isn’t true otherwise there wouldn’t be gay people.

The massive uptick in gender dysphoria is coming from somewhere, and it isn’t just more “acceptance” — children are being celebrated when they come out as transgender, but hormones and surgery have lasting consequences like higher cancer risks and the removal of healthy tissue that can’t be stitched back on.

It’s also the smaller things — teaching that gender is fluid to very young children who don’t have the cognitive development to comprehend it can be frightening for them.

Despite this, some “principled” conservatives are a bit squeamish to label this overt attack on the innocence of children as “grooming” — but if that isn’t what it is, then what is it?

As a young, Christian conservative mom, Allie Beth Stuckey has had it with the war on children that is being waged by the left and is speaking out about it.

In a Tweet thread on Wednesday, Stuckey used language that “antiracist” grifter Ibram X. Kendi (born Ibram Henry Rogers) and his leftwing activist comrades use.

Hank Rogers is pretty insistent that it isn’t enough to just oppose this kind of thing, you’ve got to be an activist.

Stuckey took the same tactic.

She insisted that it isn’t enough to be against grooming, one must become “anti-grooming” and we need to dismantle “grooming systems” and establish “anti-grooming policies.”

Here’s the thread:

That was glorious!

She’s not the only one thinking this way. James Lindsay, an outspoken critic of the “woke” agenda, posted a meme about “Groomer Fragility.”

Might I humbly suggest that this, my friends, is the way forward?

Christopher Rufo, the stalwart investigator of all things woke that is destroying our society, says that we should ignore the spin.

He’s right.

The activists say it’s all about making children “more tolerant” than their parents but when it’s written by the same people who wrote a musical glorifying the sexual abuse of Afghan boys, it doesn’t exactly ring true.

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This is a war for your kids.

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