Judge Pumps Brakes On The Lifting Of Title 42 Border Provision

Written by Wes Walker on April 26, 2022

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AGs from Missouri, Louisiana, and Arizona are more interested in stemming the tide coming across the border than the guy in the Oval Office who swore an oath to uphold the Constitution.

Since then, 21 other states have joined them. Obviously, the belief that Biden’s Broken Border policy has turned every town into a border town seems to be catching on.

Rather than showing any indication of upholding his oath, we have learned that despite the Title 42 order being officially still in place, the practice of enforcement on the ground has been exactly what you would expect from the priorities already expressed in a Biden administration:

However, the Department of Homeland Security admitted in court documents filed April 22 that it “has begun in recent weeks [i.e., post-April 1 termination order] to increase the use of expedited removal for some single adults eligible for removal who would otherwise be expelled pursuant to Title 42.” Under expedited removal procedures, migrants may claim asylum and avoid being removed from the country.

National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd told the Washington Examiner last week that the administration had begun taking into custody some migrants from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, an indication that it was not expelling them despite Title 42’s still being in effect.

The lawsuit was filed in response to the Biden administration’s early April announcement that it would lift the measure after 14 months of pressure from immigrant advocates, who said the rule unfairly penalizes people seeking asylum. The three states argued that the way the White House is ending Title 42 violates the notice-and-comment requirements in the Administrative Procedure Act. –WashingtonExaminer

Lifting Title 42 is expected to set off an unimaginable surge of illegal immigrants to catch and process, perhaps as many as 18,000 in a day.

The courts have put a temporary restraining order in place to keep Title 42 in effect until they can hear arguments for or against ending it entirely.

There are only so many tools in the toolbox to slow down the flow of illegal immigration while Dems have unified control of government and flunkies more than willing to turn their back on the Constitution. But these AGs are doing what they can.

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