Russia-Aligned UN ‘Human Rights Council’ Defends Putin, Blasts Western Sanctions — Is THIS News?

Written by Wes Walker on April 1, 2022

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If Biden claims to be ridding the world of Authoritarians, maybe he could start by withholding US tax dollars from their chief enablers … including the UN.

When Trump began cutting ties with the UN, including the UN Human Rights Council (which stands as a mockery of its own name and purpose) and the obviously corrupt shilling-for-China WHO, Joe Biden loudly denounced him and could hardly wait to reverse course.

Do Joe’s pro-globalism instincts match his supposed zeal to oppose authoritarians?

In a word, nyet.

One of the unsung heroes holding the UN’s feet to the fire, is Hillel Neuer of UNWatch (social media feeds here and here respectively).

If you’re not familiar with UN Watch, or you’ve uncritically accepted the claims of liberal shill ‘fact checkers’ that it’s some kind of a sketchy right-wing activist group, here’s a quote from a former UN Secretary General praising their role in trying to keep the UN accountable.

Now, UN adoring liberals who have been waving their ‘I Stand With Ukraine’ virtue-signaling flags have a decision to make.

Do these pro-UN liberals join the UN in their denunciation of the West, or do they side with the West in their denunciation of Putin?

Because those two liberal darlings are now in conflict, and you’re gonna have to choose.

The UN’s Human Rights Council has voted to denounce those sanctions against Putin as ‘unilateral coercive actions’ by the West.

This creates a problem for leftists who have routinely denounced anyone they disagreed with as pro-Putin… because now the UN has legitimately made an anti-Western pronouncement that is explicitly pro-Putin. It’s all well and good when they routinely denounce Israel, but this suddenly puts THEIR pet policies under the microscope.

Here’s the hard decision the lib-left are now faced with…

Do they defend the West against a corrupt and dishonest United Nations?
Or do they defend the UN in denouncing the West, even though they have sided with Putin?

Hillel Neuer’s series of tweets do a good job of explaining the problem the lib left now finds itself in:

Meanwhile, the rest of us will be over here enjoying some popcorn while they agonize over their decision.

Can we get on with defunding the UN already?

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