Social Media Posts Of Suspect In NY Subway Shooting Expressed Racist, Leftist, And Anti-Trump Views

Written by K. Walker on April 13, 2022

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What. A. Shocker.

****UPDATE: Apr. 13, 2022 15:15pm (EST)****

After the initial publication of this article, the Brooklyn subway shooter has been apprehended and faces multiple charges including terror.

Frank R. James, 62, was taken into custody about 30 hours after the carnage on a crowded rush-hour train. He was awaiting arraignment on a charge that pertains to terrorist or other violent attacks against mass transit systems, Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Breon Peace said, and carries a sentence of up to life in prison.

There is no indication that James had ties to terror organizations — international or otherwise — and the motive remains unclear, Peace said.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether James, who is from New York but has lived recently in Philadelphia and Milwaukee, has an attorney or anyone else who can speak for him. A sign taped to the door of James’ apartment in Milwaukee asks that all mail be delivered to a post office box.
Source: Associated Press

****END UPDATE****

Frank James who was named a “person of interest” in the New York Subway shooting on Tuesday has now been labeled a “suspect.”

Police are searching for Frank James, who Mayor Eric Adams says is now identified as a suspect. The 62-year-old with residences in Wisconsin and Philadelphia was initially considered a person of interest.

Investigators say 10 people were shot, but at least 23 were hurt in the chaos. Sources tell CBS2 it could have been worse, because the gun jammed with bullets still inside, and officers found a bag with an arsenal of other weapons.

While the suspect unloaded 33 shots and smoke bombs, police say not a single victim is described as having life-threatening injuries. Doctors say many treated at local hospitals have already been released.

Meanwhile the NYPD is in hot pursuit, searching far and wide for 62-year-old James. Police say he rented a U-Haul found in Gravesend, Brooklyn that might be connected to the mass shooting.

Investigators believe whoever pulled off the crime was a “lone wolf.”
Source: CBS News

What isn’t being covered is the demographics of 36th street.

So, could this be more of that anti-Asian hate?

Perhaps. If only the Corporate Media had an ounce of curiosity.

And yet, it’s not being investigated as a domestic terror attack the way that the FBI-organized Whitmer kidnapping plot was. Interesting. identified a Facebook account linked to James.

Andy Ngo, actual journalist and Editor-at-Large for the PostMillennial scoured social media and discovered a trove of information about who this guy is.

You’ll be stunned to learn that his social media posts were pro-BLM and he was a big fan of black nationalism. He also posted violent, pro-left, anti-white, and anti-Trump content on social media.

James posted about his desire to shoot people that somehow slipped by the Big Tech overlords. He also shared posts that promoted the Black Lives Matter, the Black Liberation Army, and the Nation of Islam. He also posted the photo of the Dallas cop-killer who supported BLM along with posts quoting not-dead-enough former Cuban Dictator, Fidel Castro.

He also posted videos on YouTube ranting against white people. He said in one video, “the vast majority of people, white mother******* are racist.”

You know what this means, right?

It will disappear from the headlines faster than you can say “The FBI has become a joke.”

Now, why would you say that besides the very obvious truth of it?

Well, Frank James had been “known to the FBI” as a potential terrorist and was cleared.

I guess this 2017 warning was ignored by the FBI…

Great work, Feds.

But this will all disappear just like it did before.

We’ve seen it happen after other violent race-based “lone wolf” attacks in Waukesha, Louisville, Jersey City, and D.C.

It’s weird how there is so often overlap between these violent acts of hate and BLM, Black Nationalism, and the Nation of Islam — the bastardized black-centric version of Islam.

Maybe all the race-baiting from the left is actually harmful.

The Corporate Media will bury this as fast as they can because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

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