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SAVAGE: Saudi TV Satire Roasts Joe/Kamala The Way SNL Would Never DARE To

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He said his election as President would make the world view America with respect that they had lacked under Trump. Remember ‘America’s Back’? Not so fast, Joe.

The world doesn’t see you with nearly the gravitas and statesmanship that you think it does.

It’s bad enough that the Aussies openly mock him as a senile old dotard.

After watching another verbal slip-up by Joe, Panahi told viewers, “This man needs a retirement home and a warm bowl of soup, not access to the nuclear codes.”

“The man is in need of a lie-down, a pudding, time with his grandchildren. He has no business being in the White House,” she added.

America’s “leader” is literally the laughingstock of the world, and it’s easy to see why with Biden living up to his “Sleepy Joe” nickname by falling asleep during the United Nations Climate Change Conference on Monday. —NewsMax

Way to represent the office there, Joe.

As for the way he promised he would stare down Putin once he was in the White House? Putin doesn’t seem to take Joe’s treats very seriously at all He, too, is mocking Biden, again going with the feeble old man angle.

The Kremlin has attacked Joe Biden’s “personal insults” aimed at Vladimir Putin, claiming his remarks were fueled by irritation, fatigue and forgetfulness.

In recent days, the US President has labeled Putin a “war criminal” and a “murderous dictator”.

“We hear and see statements that are actually personal insults to President Putin,” a Kremlin spokesman said.

“Given such irritability from Mr Biden, his fatigue and sometimes forgetfulness… fatigue that leads to aggressive statements, we will not make harsh assessments, so as not to cause more aggression.” —UK5News

But our allies in the Middle East… surely THEY respect him right?

Not at all. In fact, Joe has been alienating them so badly that the Saudis aren’t even taking Biden’s calls anymore. So much for that steady hand on the tiller we had been promised.

ClashDaily covered that snub and the wider context of how Biden has been alienating the Saudis here: Does This Snub Signal BoJo, Not Biden, Is The Acting ‘Leader Of The Free World’?

Now the Saudis are giving Biden and Kamala the SNL treatment that Democrats in New York are too gutless to do themselves.

It was a ruthless depiction of Biden as a dottering, confused old man that needs the constant help of a minder.

Exactly the kind of treatment he’d be getting from SNL if there were an (R) after his name.

But the New York partisans don’t dare lampoon their guy with this kind of honesty. His approval numbers are in the toilet already — and it’s an election year.

Their first obligation is to protect the party. Anything else is secondary.

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