That Russian Ship That Exploded Has Now Sunk — Here’s What We Know

Written by Wes Walker on April 15, 2022

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Like pretty much everything else over in Ukraine, we have conflicting reports of the facts on the ground — or the on the water as the case may be.

What we know for sure is that had been an explosion on a Russian ship.

It wasn’t just ANY Russian ship, either. This particular ship is the Moscova, the Flagship of Russia’s Black Sea fleet. This is the same warship that was on the other side of Ukraine’s radio transmissions out of that seemingly heroic (but ultimately discredited) Snake Island story.

The cause of that explosion remains under dispute.

Russians claim that there was a fire onboard the ship that set off an explosion of their ammunition, triggering an evacuation of the ship. It’s portrayed as an ordinary mishap. Could happen to anyone.

Ukrainians tell a different story. They say they targeted that ship with not one, but two Neptune anti-ship missiles. The explosion was a result of the missile strike.

We’ll leave it to our readers to make up their own minds about whose story to believe, because with all the lies being told by both sides over there, how the hell would we know which side to believe.

Even the Pentagon is hedging their bets on this one:

But we DO know what happened next.

Russia lost its ship.

Russian news agencies reported late Thursday, citing the defense ministry, that the ship sank in rough weather while being towed back to port.
The outcome is an embarrassment for Russia and a win for Ukraine.

It will also cost Russia militarily. While old –- it was commissioned in 1982 — the Slava (Glory) class Moskva was refitted in 2010. It provided a mobile bubble of long-range air defense for the rest of the fleet, as well as command and control systems. Those abilities cannot be easily substituted. —Bloomberg

Putin’s invasion has taken a heavy toll on the citizens of Ukraine, but really, the bloody nose the one-time Superpower is getting in the process is pretty embarrassing by any measure.

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