‘MAJOR’ INJURIES: White House Downplayed Biting Incidents Of Biden’s Banished Pooch

Written by K. Walker on April 15, 2022

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It looks like the White House doesn’t just run cover for Hunter’s questionable behavior, they do it for the Biden pets, too.

Through a recent FOIA request, Judicial Watch obtained Secret Service correspondence about Joe Biden’s dogs Major and Champ.

Champ was the older dog that passed away in June 2021, and Major was the young, rescue dog that Joe adopted from the Delaware Humane Society in 2020 after fostering the pup since 2018.

The dogs didn’t take the transition to the White House well — aging Champ kept dropping loads in the White House and Major was biting people.

Eventually, Major had to be removed from the White House after several biting incidents.

In March 2021, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki downplayed what happened by saying that Major was “surprised by an unfamiliar person” and “reacted in a way” that caused “a minor injury.”

It appears that wasn’t true.

According to documents, that particular interaction occurred after eight consecutive days of biting incidents, and the injuries might be better considered “Major.”

Attached are a couple of photos from the dog bites SA [redacted] has received the [sic] in the last week from the First Family’s pet (Major).

On 3.1.21, SA [redacted] was bit by Major on [redacted] at the Lake House in Wilmington, DE. That bite caused some bruising as seen in the picture dated 3.1.21.

On 3.8.21, SA [redacted] was bit by Major on [redacted] at the White House. That bite caused bruising and puncture to the skin as seen in the picture dated 3.8.21.

At the current rate an Agent or Officer has been bitten every day this week (3/1-3/8) causing damage to attire or bruising/punctures to the skin.

Source: Judicial Watch (Emphasis Added)

Secret Service agents were concerned that Major was “unpredictable” and had been advised by higher-ups to be cautious if the dogs were present. Agents were also advised to put their hands in their pockets or behind their back to prevent injury in case they were attacked.

On March 5, 2021, a series of emails was sent about Major attacking a White House pass holder. The Presidential Protective Division reported, “For your awareness. WHMU [White House Medical Unit] responded to the South Portico a short time ago on a UDW [Uniformed Division White House] report of a pass holder with a dog bite. The pass holder is [redacted] of the Residence Staff. He is currently being treated in the Doctor’s office.

Agent David Cho, head of the Presidential Protective Division detail, asked, “Was it Major?” The other agent wrote, “Doesn’t sound like it. Attempting to ascertain severity of injury. Pass holder walked out of [redacted] and dog made b-line to hm. Got his arm twice. A group was standing there at time.”

An agent then responded, “Minor. Did break the skin.” quickly adding, “Sorry. Meant it was Major, the name of the younger German Shepard. He’s been an issue lately.” An agent adds: “Dog: Major. Injury: Minor.” To which David Cho replied, “Ha! Thank you.”

On March 6, 2021, Major attempted to bite again. An agent wrote:

Major attempted to bite SA [redacted] this evening. He didn’t make contact with agent’s skin, but did bite a hole through his overcoat. This marks the third day in a row someone has been bitten by Major (Thursday USSS SA & Friday Pass Holder).

The Secret Service agent that was bitten was upset that the incident was being downplayed and wrote a frustrated email to a colleague about the incident.

“NO I didn’t surprise the dog doing my job by being at [redacted] as the press secretary just said! Now I’m pissed,” the agent reportedly wrote to a co-worker. The co-worker replied, “SMH. .. hope you didn’t get hurt to [sic] bad.”

Another message from a Secret Service employee referenced the bite, explaining that the “injury cannot be described in any other term than ‘severe’.”

The heavily redacted incident report said that the bite occurred at 7:00 a.m. in the White House residential area on the second floor near first lady Jill Biden’s office.

“Without warning or provocation, Major barked loudly at [the agent] … and charged,” the report said. “Having no time to seek cover from the attack, [the agent] turned away from the dog as he bit into [redacted] right leg.”

David Cho, President Biden’s then-chief protective agent, wrote in an email later that day: “Major bit one of the agents this morning. The agent is ok, but does have bruising and a puncture.”

The agent was reportedly bitten by Major a second time, but no specifics have been made available. Photos of the injuries were redacted in the report except for one that showed the agent’s torn wool overcoat.
Source: Breitbart

Two months later, when seeking reimbursement for the torn overcoat, the agent was reprimanded for editorializing the biting incident in his request.

“As Major came around the corner, he attacked me unprovoked, tearing the wool overcoat I was wearing that evening,” wrote the agent. “This attack occurred through no fault of my own and I could not avoid this unusual circumstance due to the nature and requirements of my position.”

The agent was chastised for this embellishment over fears of offending the Bidens.

“Please submit with the language that has been approved by [the legal office]. Unless you dispute anything in the verbiage that was presented to you, there shouldn’t be a need to embellish with additional details that aren’t required for approval,” was the response to his request.

“If you would like to submit a separate memo to- memorializing the events of 3/6 in great detail, you certainly may,” it continued. “But your added language on the [form] provides more specificity than what [the legal office] requested. I have been told that if you update the [request] with the approved verbiage, your request will be processed.”

Another email called the request “excessively detailed and inappropriate.” It states that the agent was asked to “submit with the language that has already been approved by [the legal office]. Not sure if he will or not. I don’t think it’s about the money anymore.”

It apparently wasn’t. The agent pulled his request for reimbursement and said that he doesn’t think that taxpayers should be on the hook, but the Biden family should have to reimburse him out-of-pocket.

“After some deep thought and reflection, I don’t believe the USSS should be responsible for the damage to my coat as the cause was not under their control. To be compensated in this manner would essentially have the cost borne by the taxpayer and this would be unjust,” wrote the agent.

He added, “The responsibility should lie with the party responsible for the wrongdoing (i.e. tort), and that, of course, would be the dog owner/s.”

It’s unclear if the agent was ever reimbursed by Joe and Jill for the damage that Major had done.

But do you think that “The Big Guy” would part with his son’s money that easily?

Ever the opportunist, Joe Biden has used Major for fundraising and his other pets to promote the Biden brand. It’s kind of like he does with Hunter but through official channels instead of on the sly.

You’ll recall that after the 2020 election, Joe Biden told a bizarre story about how he broke his foot that likely involved Major. Biden said that he was getting out of the shower and was reaching to pull his dog’s tail when he tripped on a rug… because that’s much more plausible than saying a 78-year-old man with bones like chalk broke his foot doing some normal thing.

If even a hint of that is true, you’ve gotta feel bad for the pooch.

Just imagine the trauma Major has endured simply by being a member of the Biden family.

Hunter the depraved drug addict turned artist and his little sister Ashley who appears to have her own stories of Joe in the shower.

Could this be why Major lashes out so frequently?

Maybe he’s just doing what he’s learned to do. After all, just look at his owner…

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