VINDICATION: Freedom Convoy Trucker Protest Gets BIG Win In Court — Here’s The 411

Written by Sir John, Eh! on April 8, 2022

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Remember the huge trucker protest in Ottawa that ended in bank accounts being frozen, criminal charges being laid and the draconian police crackdown?

Now that the facts are being aired in court, we’re seeing a very different story than the one Trudeau and his media lackeys tried to spin us.

A judge actually ruled that the protest they cracked down on was actually … legal.

In the quote that follows, Wilson is a lawyer representing both some participants in the protest, as well as the only living signatory of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms who has brought suit against Trudeau’s government for the vax mandate violating… the Charter Rights of Canadians.

Wilson also clarified that the Freedom Convoy protest was not illegal at any point, even though Prime Minister Trudeau called it illegal, and big media went along with it.

In fact, an Ontario supreme court judge sided with the convoy. When an injunction against honking horns was declared, the court also stated that “provided the terms of this Order are complied with, the defendents and other persons remain at liberty to engage in a peaceful, lawful and safe protest.”

Reality on the ground was often not being reported. While Ottawa police often announced they had made a number of arrests during the Freedom Convoy protests, they never mentioned that many incidents were called in by truckers after people slit their tires or cut gas lines, Wilson said. Police also negotiated with truckers as to which streets they would be allowed to block during the protest. When things heated up, the police blocked off Laurier Avenue to prevent east-west traffic flow even though there was not one truck or protest vehicle on that street.

The attorney general’s reason for freezing bank accounts was based on an affidavit by a police officer who based his testimony on what he read in the news, Wilson said, adding that courts don’t rely on third-party hearsay. “It’s that ridiculous. We ran into this problem of circularity all the time, of media saying something, police then saying, well the news is saying it, then the media saying, well the police said it.”

Wilson is already seeing some early confirmation that the truckers and their supporters have been slandered. Barry MacKillop, deputy-director of FINTRAC, the federal organization that goes after terrorism funds and criminal money-laundering, told the Commons finance committee that there was not a shred of illegal activity associated with the trucker convoy. —FarmersForum [emphasis added]

Trudeau had literally ZERO reason to invoke the state of emergency and suspend the rights of Canadian citizens.

They’ve been slandered by their own government from the very beginning.

A second man charged in a deliberate arson attack that occurred near Canada’s parliament in Ottawa in February did not have anything to do with the Freedom Convoy, Canadian police say.

…Many mainstream media outlets along with the mayor of Ottawa and a Liberal MP alleged that the Freedom Convoy protesters were somehow connected to the arson incident on Lisgar Street.

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson directly blamed the truckers for the arson, saying during a February 7 council meeting that the attack “clearly demonstrates the malicious intent” of the truckers.

Liberal MP Ryan Turnbull claimed that he saw thefts and “attempted arson” during the Freedom Convoy protests.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claimed the Freedom Convoy protesters were funded by foreign entities with ties to terrorist-linked financing. This reasoning was used as justification for Trudeau to enact the EA against them on February 14. It was revoked on February 23. —LifeSiteNews

Ottawas Mayor openly flirted with the idea of selling confiscated rigs to make back what the city had lost ‘because of the protest’.

Remember the open contempt Trudeau received from representatives of the European Union?

Prime Minister blackface is looking more and more like a tinpot tyrant every day.

Too bad so many Canadians duped by the pandering press will never realize that.

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Sir John, Eh!
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