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Abortion Activist Group Doxxes Conservative SCOTUS’s Home Addresses … White House Doesn’t Care

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If you had any doubt that Dems have formally abandoned the idea of a Republic, look at their reaction to the SCOTUS leak, and the activists’ behavior since.

There has been little if any objection to the extremely serious nature of the leak itself. They care far more about having their beloved sacrament of abortion struck down than they ever did about social and political safeguards that were to keep the rule of law free from political scrutiny or pressure.

Because this draft copy of judicial deliberation has been leaked, the left is desperate to get out ahead of this decision and force their will upon the process.

At the political level, elected Democrats are trying to put legislation in place that would codify Roe v. Wade in law.

At the activist level, they did what they do best. They publicized the private addresses of their political enemies and gathered in groups to intimidate people to do their will … ‘or else’. This is exactly what Mad Maxine herself had encouraged the mob to do any time they saw someone connected to the Trump administration.

Now that sitting Supreme Court justices have been named as ‘the enemy’, abortion activists are turning their rage against the 6 conservative justices. Their home addresses have been made public.

Psaki was asked about whether it was appropriate for judges to be harassed in their homes. She didn’t seem to mind at all.

Fox News’ Peter Doocy on Thursday brought up Biden’s statements earlier this week calling the “MAGA crowd” the “most extreme political organization” in recent history. “Do you think the progressive activists that are now planning protests outside some of the justices’ houses are extreme?” Doocy asked Psaki.

“Peaceful protest, no. Peaceful protest is not extreme,” Psaki said. “We certainly encourage people to keep it peaceful and not resort to any level of violence.”

…A pro-abortion group reportedly plans to protest at the Maryland and Virginia homes of some of the Supreme Court justices. In response to Doocy’s question about whether the president cared about protests near justices’ homes, Psaki declined to discourage any residential protests.

“I don’t have an official U.S. government position on where people protest,” Psaki said. “We want it of course to be peaceful, and certainly the president would want to people’s privacy to be respected. But I think we shouldn’t lose the point here. The reason people are protesting is because women across the country are worried about their fundamental rights that have been law for 50 years, their rights to make choices about their own bodies and their own health care, are at risk. That’s why people are protesting — they’re unhappy, they’re scared.” — FoxNews

Protests serve a specific purpose: they are a mechanism by which the public can make their voices heard in ways to which their elected officials cannot ignore.

But SCOTUS judges are in a special category. The Framers deliberately defined their role in such a way as to shield them from the whims and demands of public opinion. Lifetime appointments were given so that they need not worry about making any ruling they knew to be contrary to law for reasons of self-preservation.

The highest levels of the third branch was never meant to be beholden to the demands of the outrage mob. Their responsibility was to the Constitution and the law alone.

The Democrats leveraging this obscene affront to judicial independence by not only ignoring the significance of the leak but also using it to press a political advantage to prevent a ruling that offends them is an open attack on the co-equal and independent third branch of government. Schiff is now openly calling for Court-packing.

Should any of surprise us? Of course not. Have we forgotten the ridiculously false allegations leveraged against Kavanaugh at the eleventh hour to sink his nomination? Or how Schumer himself marched over to the steps of the Supreme Court and called out sitting justices by name, and invoked threats if they voted the ‘wrong’ way on this very issue?

“I want to tell you Neil Gorusch, and you Brett Kavanaugh, you have unleashed a whirlwind, and you will pay the price,” Schumer said. “You won’t know what hit you, if you go forward with these awful decisions.” —TheFederalist

Time has passed and now we DO know what will hit them for exactly this sort of unwelcome decision. Activist Dems have publicized their home addresses and have given a green light to angry activists to harass them.

What does such ‘protest’ look like? Not so long ago, ‘protesters’ gathered outside of McConnel’s home calling to stab the M—f– in the heart, and another group broke one of his windows.

He was by no means the only one targeted.

These are the same elected Democrats that called out the National Guard to ‘protect’ their sorry souls from phantom threats against their lives that few, if any, actually believe existed.

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