Bad New Polls For Biden Keep Adding Up … But That 2024 One Must REALLY Hurt His Ego

Written by Wes Walker on May 6, 2022

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To characterize Biden as ‘struggling’ in the polls isn’t nearly strong enough. We need something stronger, more colorful to really convey the nightmare scenario his team is facing. Something like ‘Poll-Axed’.

There are a lot of juicy numbers here. And we’re saving the best for last.

Seeing Biden’s approval numbers underwater is nothing new. He’s never really recovered since his catastrophic failures in Afghanistan.

It’s not just the lousy approval numbers, or how low they are, as humiliating as that might be (source document here)…

That same CNN poll produced miserable approval/disapproval numbers for a variety of topics.

The economy? 34/66
Immigration? 34/66
Middle Class? 36/64
Coronavirus? 51/48
Ukraine? 46/54

So far as opinion is concerned, Biden isn’t merely failing to solve the problem, he’s part of the problem itself.

That pessimism also reflects on President Joe Biden, whose ratings for handling the economy remain sharply negative. A majority of US adults say his policies have hurt the economy, and 8 in 10 say the government isn’t doing enough to combat inflation.
Only 23% rate economic conditions as even somewhat good, down from 37% in December and 54% last April. The last time public perception of the economy was this poor in CNN’s polling was November 2011, when 18% called economic conditions good. —CNN

As for the border, 56% want Joe to extend Trump’s policy of using Title 42 at the border.

That’s just the current numbers. It gets even worse when we look ahead to 2024.

Nobody really likes Joe enough that they want him to run for a second term. That’s not an opinion, that’s a statistical fact that Rasmussen polling came out with.

A new national telephone and online survey by Rasmussen Reports and the Heartland Institute finds that 61% of Likely U.S. Voters believe Biden should not run for a second term as president in 2024. Only 28% say Biden should seek reelection, while another 11% are not sure.–RasmusseReports

But the really fun question was the hypothetical presidential rematch against Trump in 2024, which is basically a way of asking the public who they thought was the more capable president.

If the next presidential election were held today, and Biden were running against Trump, 50% would vote for Trump while 36% would vote for Biden.–RasmusseReports

It’s not just Trump either. The polling found that DeSantis would beat Biden too, with a margin of 46-35.

Biden can pretend to talk like a tough guy, but he just can’t walk the walk.

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