Chuck Todd Admits ‘Democrats Are In Some Serious Trouble’ For Midterms (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on May 16, 2022

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When the Regime Media admits that the Dems are in trouble — you know it’s bad. To paraphrase the President, that’s a “big effing deal.”

In a segment on Sunday’s “Meet The Press”, NBC’s Chuck Todd cited a new NBC News poll that spells bad news for Democrats if the trendline holds.

“Voters views about the economy begin to harden in an election year around May. If that theory holds, Democrats are in some serious trouble right now because in our new NBC News poll, just 16 percent say the country is headed in the right direction while a whopping 75 percent say we’re on the wrong track,” said Todd. “In fact, that wrong track number has been 70-plus for the last seven months, which in the past has signaled big losses for the governing party.”

“President Biden’s numbers have hit a new low. Only 39 percent approve of his job performance against 56 percent who disapprove. In fact, the president has become as unpopular as Donald Trump in this poll,” added Todd.

Biden’s approval rating has been consistently sinking with the ongoing problems facing the country.

Just a few things that Americans are concerned about are:

  • inflation continuing to rise
  • high gas prices
  • the economy in general
  • the supply-chain crisis
  • the open southern border with thousands flooding into the country daily
  • conflict in Ukraine
  • a shortage of baby formula

There’s also the bungled withdrawal in Afghanistan that handed over billions of dollars worth of weaponry and military equipment to the Taliban while abandoning some Americans and allies there for the past nine months. This was one of the major failures by the administration that has turned voters against Biden.

But the Biden-Harris administration seems to either be: a)oblivious of this; or b) deliberately avoiding these issues that they have no solution for. It’s most likely the latter.

Instead, Democrats think that their winning message is to run on the likely overturning of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court after Justice Alito’s draft opinion from February was leaked.

That may indeed fire up the radical pro-abortion activists in their base — especially after the tacit approval by this administration of the illegal protests in front of the homes of SCOTUS Justices.

Letting loose the rabid radicals in their base is a way for Democrats to “fortify” the Midterms just like the rioting, looting, and violence during the “Summer of Love” 2020 helped to “fortify” the last Presidential election.

The problem for the Democrats is that they’re losing on the generic ballot and that could mean some pretty big changes in Washington — including who gets to be Speaker of the House.

Even after the leaked Alito draft decision, Republicans were holding a comfortable lead in the generic ballot which is bad news for the Dems.

According to a poll from CNN/SSRS taken between May 3-5, Republicans hold a 7 percent lead over the Democrats in the generic ballot, 49 percent to 42 percent.

Politico’s leak of the Roe v. Wade draft opinion happened on May 2. In a poll taken between April 28 and May 1, the generic GOP candidate was up to 1 percent, 45 percent to 44 percent. That’s a 600 percent increase in the GOP’s lead in the days following the leak of the decision…

…The CNN release lists generic-ballot polling results going back to 1997. The 7 percent lead recorded for the GOP in the most recent poll ties the biggest spread for the party in a quarter-century.

To find an equivalent lead for the generic Republican Party candidate in the CNN/SSRS poll, you have to go back to September of 2010, right before midterms where the Democrats were crushed and Republicans gained control of the House of Representatives by taking 63 seats.

In that poll, 52 percent supported the GOP candidate against 45 percent who supported the Democrat.
Source: Western Journal

Dems know they’re in trouble, that’s why Clueless Joe is trying to make the Midterms about his predecessor by tossing out what he thinks are insults — “Ultra-MAGA” and “The Great MAGA King.”

Good luck with that, Joe.

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