DAVOS: WEF Police Detain American Journalist Jack Posobiec — Here’s The 411 (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on May 24, 2022

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There’s a price to be paid for taking the responsibilities of journalism seriously. Especially if that includes shining a light on powerful people who would rather work undisturbed.

As one of the few journalists bringing a critical eye rather than stars in his eyes to the Davos scene, Jack Posobiec is one of those who is paying that price.

He went through all the same steps that other journalists attending Davos were expected to take. Passport. Press pass. Travel arrangements. All of that was sorted out. But when he went there, something weird happened.

Jack was with his team, sitting at a table outside a restaurant after shooting a video. They were recharging their tech as they got ready for their next ‘hit’. Police came by and asked for their ID and credentials. No big deal. They provided those credentials.

Not long after that, another group of police came up. They asked the same question, and were not friendly about it.

Here is footage of them collecting information when they came back.

Not long after that clip ended, they were taken around the corner and frisked.

Here’s what happened when another journalist he knows caught wind of what was going on and pressed the authorities on what they were doing. Poso and his crew had been already been detained for an hour, but when it became clear that the detention was becoming a lightning rod for unwanted attention, they abruptly ended their detention and left.

Once the situation has resolved Jack gets on his livestream and explains what happened to his audience. (The video quality isn’t great but the sound is fine.) The first 10 minutes or so are relevant to the story, before he goes into other topics.

In this, he explains what happened, how the police officer was pointing his M-5 rifle at him (‘flagging him’), and what he did to de-escalate the situation.

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