HEY AOC: Acclaimed Socialist Academic Just Called Trump A ‘Statesman Of Stature’ (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on May 2, 2022

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There is a concerted Stalin-esque effort between the regime media, the Biden Democrats, and some motivated RINOs to airbrush Trump out of history or at least render his name politically radioactive.

Biden, whose failures in office loom even larger when measured against his predecessor’s accomplishments, is careful never to even mention the 45th president by name, as though doing so might be bad luck that would cause his own approval rates to drop yet another 3 points.

While Noam Chomsky is someone with whom our readers would seldom agree on substantial issues, and whose political ideas were absolutely savaged in the very well-written book ‘The Anti-Chomsky Reader’ edited by Peter Collier and David Horowitz, he differs from many other devout partisans on the left in that he has some issues that he will not look at through a diamond-hard political filter.

War is one of those issues. Here he is in his own words:

“I’m not an absolute pacifist,” he said. “I think there are times when the use of military force defensively is legitimate.“

“Defending the Kurds against the ISIL attacks, yes, that’s legitimate,” he added, explaining that the “Kurdish areas of Syria” constitute a “fairly decent society” which “certainly merit support” from the US air force. — AlJazeera

The fact that he needed a qualifier before ‘pacifist’ tells you that he does lean toward pacifism. Looking at the Russia issue through a lens of war vs. peace rather than right vs. left let him see something that the average American political hacks simply could not see.

But knowing the environment he is in, and that so many people stop listening as soon as this particular name is invoked, Noam withheld the mystery statesman’s identity until his point had been fully explained.

Here is the full video:

This isn’t just a throwaway line, either. He is making a specific case drawn from both history and recent events that Trump sees a way forward in an impossible situation that other leaders cannot or will not see.

It must be absolutely horrifying for the devout young socialists who looked up to Chomsky as a hero and a pioneer to hear their hero speak of Trump as a leader and statesman (of STATURE!), let alone as the lone voice for a sensible course of action at a time we’ve been plagued by chaos and indecision.

Poor AOC, she hasn’t had time to completely recover from being ratioed into oblivion by Elon. Get ready for the inevitable wave of outraged ‘literally shaking right now’ tweets.

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